Albany Law Day 5K Against Domestic Violence Race Recap & FF

I had seen this race on the schedule each year and have been tempted.  It makes sense since I do work at Albany Law School.

But it is an evening race.  It’s hard to get there after work and it’s not an ideal time to race for me. And how does one fuel for a race that starts at 6:30 pm?

Anyway, a FB running friend proposed a team and I got sucked in last year.

It was hot and humid and I didn’t really enjoy the race. I didn’t run well and though I came in 2nd in my age group, they only gave awards for first. I had decided that I probably wouldn’t run this race again.

Fast forward to this year.  The place I work has been focusing all year on healthy challenges.  They proposed that we do a 5k together.  I suggested this one because is was during the week and raised money for an important cause.  Everyone was enthusiastic about the race until it came time to sign up.

You got it – they all had excuses except me, 2 other staff members, 2 students and a husband & child. So out of 400 or so, we have a team of 7!!!

The weather cooperated in that it was sunny and no wind but it seemed like summer had arrived and we skipped spring. It was around 80 degrees. (I was wearing my winter jacket just on Sunday!!)

The race took place in the Crossings, a beautiful park.


This is where I go for my Freihofer training group runs.  I have done a few races here as well.

I like it. There are hills and roads and trails.

There’s a pond.

I got there early so I could find parking. This year, I even knew where to park and where the race started.


I wore a similar outfit to last year (Purple is the color that represents the fight against Domestic Violence.  I’ll be wearing it again at Saturday’s race.)


I immediately bumped into a bunch of volunteers and clients from STEM (the survivors of Domestic Violence). I also saw some lawyers, co-workers and running friends.


If my race sucked last year, this year, it felt even worse.

It was hot. I immediately got a stitch in my side (maybe from eating a fig bar right before the race) and it stuck with me the WHOLE race.

Of course, I started out fast and then I could barely breathe – it was like I had asthma.  Then I was coughing and sneezing.  I attribute it to the pollen and grass (I used to have terrible hay fever when I was younger.) It was really tough to run when you are gasping for air. The only time this has happened was during this same race last year.

I made it about 1 1/2 miles before I started to walk.

I was also REALLY thirsty and the only water stop was at the 2 mile point.  I walked then and several more times before the end of the race.  I’ve never walked that much in a 5k but I just couldn’t catch my breath.

The result – 29:31 finish time – even slower than last year.


Well, that’s how it goes sometimes.


mile 1-  9:02
mile 2-  9:46
mile 3 – 9:36
.2 –  ?? (didn’t stop my watch)


I hung around watching the other STEM runners finish and the coordinator’s 7 year old daughter who ran her first 5k.


Then I had some refreshments which were awesome – bananas, brownies, pizza and Cider Belly donuts!!


They only gave out awards for 1st in 10-year age groups.


I came in third

I’ll have to remember next year that I should skip this race.

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC .  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

My Friday Five topic is Five Reasons I Ran this Race:

  1. The Charity

Domestic Abuse is a horrible thing.  It affects so many women.  If you met them, you would never know what they’ve been through.

      2.  The Distance

It’s a 5k race so it would only take 30 minutes.  Even if I am tired, I can muster my way through 3.1 miles. It shouldn’t affect my 5k /long run on Saturday.  In fact, I would be running at least 3 miles today anyway.

      3.  The Challenge

Yes, it’s only a 5k but that means that you feel like you should run fast.  That’s the challenge. The course is fairly flat.  Could I PR??? (Obviously not.)

   4. The Runners

It’s always fun to know people when you arrive at a race.  You stand and around and chat. I love runners!!

   5. Motivating Others

I want to set an example at work.  I think running is great and it has helped me immensely physically, socially and emotionally. I am older than most people that I work with and I want to show them that if I can run so can they.

Happy Running! How do you feel about night races? Do you do them? Has it gotten warm where you live?


14 thoughts on “Albany Law Day 5K Against Domestic Violence Race Recap & FF

  1. There are not a lot of nighttime races in my area (small town Iowa),but occasionally I see some events in the “metro” areas. There’s a Midnight Madness event my friend has been trying to talk me into doing…this may be the year. It involves a 5K (like at 7:00,I think), followed by a 10K (around 8:00). It’s a week prior to my ultra, so I will be in taper mode anyways 😉


  2. You did well Darlene, running in heat can be very difficult. A great cause, and so awesome with your wearing the purple for awareness.

    Hoping you have a great season ahead! 🙂


  3. Last year I ran a race late afternoon, it changed things up a bit, I didn’t mind. However, I definitely prefer running in the morning.
    Sorry it wasn’t the run you wanted… that happens. Next year, you’ll know !


  4. I am not ready for that much heat yet – you did really well considering. I do the Lawyers Have Heart 10K every June even though I don’t like it as a running event because I support the cause so strongly (Am. Heart Assn). It’s no too bad to have one sucky race on your calendar. 😉


  5. Wooo! I say celebrate the sub 30’s! especially in the heat 🙂
    I have done a few night ruins, it is hard because i can barely eat all day or else I feel too full. I am not a night runner for sure lol


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