Summer Smith 5k Addiction Awareness Race Recap


This is a new race and is organized by the mother of one of the STEM runners who died of an overdose after completing her first 5k. This is her story –

I just ran a (sucky) 5k on Thursday and would have preferred to just do my long run today.

But I just had to do this race. I knew that there would be many other runners and volunteers from the STEM program.  I wanted to support this cause and I am fortunate to have known and run with Summer.

I have run a 4 mile race around Guilderland HS where this race took place. I remember it as NOT being flat.

It wasn’t as warm as it had been this past week and at least yesterday’s awful rain had stopped. But there was rain, hail and wind predicted for later in the day so it was pretty humid.

The route was described as:

Start/Finish of this out-and-back 5 km course is on West Dr on the south side of Guilderland High School. The course proceeds out West Dr to turn L onto School Rd, continues across the intersection with Depot Rd onto Meadowdale Rd, then bears L at Frederick Rd to Mile 1 on Meadowdale Rd and continues to the Turnaround point. The inbound route retraces the outbound route of the course to Mile 2 on Meadowdale Rd and Mile 3 on West Dr just after the turn off School Rd, and continues to the Finish.


I did take off that shirt and wear a tank to run in – it was the right move!

I arrived early and immediately bumped into those purple shirted runners. All the ones that were in Summer’s STEM group were there.  It was pretty emotional. I still get teary-eyed when I think about her.


This race was one of the most organized races I’ve run.  After you got your bib, you got a bag labelled with your name with a shirt and other swag.  There were tables with representatives from relevant organizations (alcohol & drug abuse) also giving out freebies.  And there were great raffle prizes – all running-related.

In addition to the STEM runners and volunteers, some members of Team “BadAss” were there.


just practicing our pose

Now for the real pose:


There was a dedication ceremony followed by a balloon release.



Then it was time to proceed out to the road to start the race.


my BFF stopped by and got this picture of the beginning of the race

As in my last few races, my legs felt so dead the first mile.  And it was warm (so glad I took off my t-shirt).  I was very happy that there was water at mile 1.  I walked for a bit and then continued on to the turn around where I walked again.  My pace was slowing down.  I didn’t have to look at my Garmin to know that.  I tried to pick speed for the last mile but I just couldn’t.  I walked at least twice more until I saw the finish line and sprinted through it. (My Freihofer  coach was watching so I knew I better run fast.)

I crossed around 28:xx which was faster than Thursday 5k so that was good.

I waited to catch some of the STEM ladies finishing.


Then I went inside to get some food and check the results.

Well, again my time didn’t record so I had to talk to my coach (he was the timing person) and he added me in at 28:29.   (My Garmin said 28:27 but I wasn’t going to complain.)


and fruit, bagels…but this was my favorite.

We all went back outside for a photo and the awards.


the STEM runners & volunteers who knew Summer

And today I did win something – first in my age group!! But no raffle prizes 😦


So not a fast one but not a bad one.  Nothing hurt.  That’s always a good thing.  The heat is bothering me but I think I’m not used to it yet.

Race Splits:

mile 1 – 8:51
mile 2 – 9:14
mile 3 –  9:15
.14 –  8:22

And this race.  I enjoyed it.  It was well run.

I am so humbled by these STEM women.  I am glad to be a part of their lives.


love Kim!

With a  half marathon in 2 weeks, I had planned to go run 9 more miles.

So I drove to the newly paved rail trail.  It is now paved for 5.5 miles.



The last 4 miles are still dirt.


I was so tired.  I could barely pick up my feet.  I ran/walked for 4.5 miles and then quit and went grocery shopping.

Tomorrow’s another day but probably a rest day!!!

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Did you run or race?


13 thoughts on “Summer Smith 5k Addiction Awareness Race Recap

  1. I read Summer’s story – such a loss, I’m sorry for her family. Looks like a great race in many aspects; congrats on the AG award, and I say that you’ve earned yourself a rest day for sure!


  2. Congrats on placing but you sound tired ! The amount of racing you do is crazy ! I am impressed. Glad nothing is hurting. That is always good.


  3. Addiction is such a tragedy. It can happen to anyone and I am so glad that The Nation is talking about this now. A local TV station did news stories on addiction all last year, the Boston Globe did many articles also. It helped raise awareness.
    Any one of us could be working next to or going to school with an addict and not know it. As a parent this subject just scares the hell out of me.
    Healthcare providers need to use some common sense when sending someone home with a bottle of pills. 30 days worth of any narcotic is more than enough to become addicted. And then we blame the patient.
    Apologies for the rant, I could write a book.


  4. This weather is definitely making running difficult! No time to acclimate yet. Would you believe there was snow on the ground as we drove through VT? Yup. Brings back memories.

    Nothing hurt, you won your AG & a good cause — I’d definitely say that was winning!


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