TOTR: Where to Buy Running Gear

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is Where do you buy your gear?

  • Since I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador, I buy my skirts online at (Use the code SSMFK20 to get 20% off the regular price.)
Celebrate Life HM

skirt & top from Skirt Sports

  • I love a bargain so I buy the majority of my running stuff at TJ Max, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory or Target.

jacket & hat from Target

  • For running shoes, I buy a new pair at FleetFeet and if I like them, I buy additional pairs online (where ever it is the cheapest.)
img_8799 – 1/2 the price of Fleet Feet

  • I buy most of my Compression socks online from They have monthly sales. I have also bought some from Target and at expos.

pro compression socks

Here are some other places to check out:

  •  – just put in the name of the shoe and size and they will email you where to get the lowest price
  • – they have cheaper prices and older styles that are no longer sold online.
  • – same as above
  • Clearance on any of the name sites including – click on  “We made too much.”
  • Old Navy has good deals.
  • So does Kohls.

Happy Running! Where do yo buy your running gear?




12 thoughts on “TOTR: Where to Buy Running Gear

  1. I am pretty brand loyal, but luckily Marshalls and TJMaxx occasionally have my sock brand and I buy up as many as I can to have in reserve. Waaay cheaper than paying $15 at Dicks if I can get them for $4.99 at the discount places. I also shop at Lululemon and occasionally find stuff at We Made Too Much.


  2. I shop at Running Warehouse – you can usually find a discount code of at least 10% off, plus they have good sales and markdowns, and free shipping. I hate paying full price for anything except for running shoes (and even then, I loves me a bargain if I can find one).


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