April Recap

I can’t believe April is over already… Time is flying by!!

So here’s how things went:

Weekday Runs:

The weather was fickle – there were warm days and then there were cold days. There were even rainy and windy days.  I was still able to run 2-3 times each week – mostly after work.

Long Runs:

There were a few races with extra miles added on. Then I ran a half marathon. So I continued to run higher mileage on the weekend.

Total Mileage:

100 miles this month!


I was pleased that my mileage is back up because next month, there will be a lot fewer miles run.


I ran FOUR races this month – a 5 miler, a 5K, a half marathon and a 10K.

I was generally happy with how they all went. I did not have PR goals and of course, they could have been faster but the shorter races were the first part of a long run.  And the half marathon had hills which I had not trained for. The 10K was the week after the half.

Cross Training:

I had taken a few weeks off from tennis to heal my sore elbow.  I started back playing once a week and now it feels FINE!! Yay!!


happy to back on the court with my friends – played 3 times this month.

I DID NOT go to a single yoga class!! I planned to but something usually got in the way.  Next month, I promise! (Wait, I said that last month and the month before!!)


I continued to walk at work (around the building and to Starbucks or the park). I have also started going to the mall to get more steps in on days when the weather is lousy.


My Starbucks addiction continues!!

I did not go to the gym at all.  My elbow is healed so I have NO excuses…just lazy (or have other priorities).

Sat am at the gym

Other News:

I ran 4 times with the Freihofer Challenge Training group. We started out the month with snow, then there was rain and we ended with sunshine. I enjoy running with my “advanced” group friends and coach Patrick.  He has had us running 400m intervals.  These are tough for me because they often come on the day after a long run. 

I’ve also started my volunteering with STEM. These year’s group is so enthusiastic.  It makes it even more fun.  I am paired up with a lady who is very speedy, as well. No goofing off here.

The place where I  work participated in the Million Mile Month for the month of April.  I changed my original goal of completing 100 miles to 300. And I did it!!!!


I’m reading a new book that I am enjoying.

I finally got together with my mentee and her 2 sons. I hadn’t seen them in months. We went to the Firefigher’s Museum and had a blast.


After missing a monthly gathering with my tennis friends, we did get together this month.


lots of laughs and we did solve the mystery.

Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

I am not training for my next half marathon in May. It’s another hilly but scenic course. I am looking forward to spending time with AJH and visiting the Burlington VT area again.

May 29, 2016

I have been busy signing up for spring races.  This is my list so far for the next 2 months:

  • 5-01-16 – Cherry Blossom 5k
  • 5-03-16 – practice GOTR 5k
  • 5-07-16 – Mastodon Challenge 15k
  • 5-08-16 – Mother’s Day 5K (for GOTR)
  • 5-12-16 – Albany Law Day Against Domestic Violence 5k
  • 5-14-16 – Summer Smith 5k Addiction Awareness Run
  • 5-29-16 – Vermont City Marathon Relay
  • 6-04-16 – Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k
  • 6-12-16  – Run for Help 5k (for STEM)
  • 6-26-16 – Adirondack Distance Run 10m

And May is my favorite month!!!

Flowers are in bloom and it’s my birthday and I go on vacation!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!


you’ll see a lot of my runs here


May 9 = annual b-day out with a former co-worker


a week of tennis in the Fla. sunshine

No monthly goals.

my motto for 2016

Happy Running! How did your April turn out?  Anything exciting planned for May?  


12 thoughts on “April Recap

  1. You had a great month ! I am so impressed with all the racing you do. No 5 miles in Central Park ?
    I need to get my racing mojo back, but I will think about it a little more after my vacation.
    Doesn’t it feel great to feel healthy ?


    • No pain is the best. Better than a medal. I wish I didn’t live so far from NYC or I would do the race. Hotels in NYC are so expensive. I will run for fun in CP on June 24 and hopefully meet you for dinner.


  2. Wow, that’s quite a month! I ran 75 miles in April which is a bit on the high side for me. I had two 10 mile races and a few mid-week runs on business trips that were longer than I usually have time for at home.


  3. You rock, 100 miles! That is a great month, I miss being able to do that!
    You always make me laugh…gym, yoga, noooooope. but hey, you raced four times! I think that is great 🙂 I trade my gym time to be able to run.
    Feeling healthy is perfect 🙂


  4. You had a great April! And it looks like you’ve got a lot of fun planned for May! I’m looking forward to spring weather finally showing up (and sticking around) and my first race of the year!


  5. Darlene, you had a great month. You always seem to get it all in. I would not use the term lazy when it comes to all you do. I too have started to make my way to the mall or even Walmart when I needed extra steps. I do think we both need to quit talking about yoga and get some in. We both know it would do us good so why is it so hard?
    Around Halloween, the Mystery room attractions were all the rage. I so want to still do this I think it would be great fun!


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