TOLT: STEM, Racing, Injuries, Work, etc.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today…

Yesterday was my second week volunteering with a Couch to 5k program for women who are survivors of domestic violence.

This relates to yesterday’s post about being judgmental.  For the past two sessions, the women have been newbie runners and not very competitive.  They were so excited to have finished a 5k race.  So I used to run before or after the group run to keep up my training pace.

I assumed that this session would be the same.  The women last week were more enthusiastic. This week, however, there were two new women. I was paired up with one. Well, she has run before and she is fast.  In fact, this will be a good workout for me.  And the other new woman was even faster. She may have been an elite runner in her country.

She doesn’t speak English well but guess where she is from??


Woo Hoo!  We were both thrilled to be able to speak French together.  Mine is a little rusty but I did teach high school French for 22 years!

So far we are only running 1 1/2 minutes at a time but I think I will not be able to slack off this session.

  • Racing

I race every weekend.  But I do not have one scheduled this weekend.  It feels so strange that I almost signed up for one in Saratoga on Saturday.

Luckily Denise (Judy‘s friend) will run 10 miles with me on Sunday for my last long run before my half marathon.

I will try to refrain from running that 5k. (No promises.)

  • Tennis Elbow

The good: it doesn’t affect my running.  The bad: it’s not any better. But like any athlete, I took ibuprofen, taped it and wore a band and then played tennis.

The good: it didn’t affect my tennis. The bad: it’s not any better.

  • Work

I am walking EVERYDAY!! I started out with a 100 mile goal but I upped it to a lofty 400.


I usually walk to the park (with a stop at Starbucks).  Yesterday, I walked to the library to return a book.


  • Next Half Marathon

It’s on April 24 (in 10 days) and I am not really stressing about it.  Is it because it’s #19? Or because I know the route and it is very HILLY.  Sometimes it’s a relief to know that you will not get a PR.

I plan to enjoy the race.  I hope that it is nice weather and I can hang out by the lake afterwards.

The picture below is the view from the start & finish line (in 2011).

starting/finish line

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?


9 thoughts on “TOLT: STEM, Racing, Injuries, Work, etc.

  1. What a pretty place to have the start and finish 🙂 yes, sometimes low pressure racing is more fun.
    All that walking is awesome!
    How fun you have someone to brush up on the French with.


  2. That’s so cool that you’ll have someone to push your running and speak french with. Glad you & Denise will be running together too. She’s actually faster than me, but she just lacks confidence. But don’t push her too hard.

    Jan was going to run part of my run with me tomorrow, but unfortunately she’s just getting over flu so I’m solo. Which really isn’t a bad thing and the weather should be great!


    • Good to know. She said that she was very slow. Yes, you will have nice weather for your run. It should be warm for mine but we are running very early so it will be fine.

      Enjoy your dad’s bday party.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Um, no she isn’t very slow. A bit slower than you, a bit faster than me. She’s been sick a few times over the winter, and truly, she’s just lacks confidence. I think her PR for a half is something like 2:30? Maybe a bit faster? She’s definitely capable of more than she thinks she is.


  3. Fingers crossed for good weather for your race 🙂 There is something comfortable about a hilly or crowded course where you know a PR isn’t in the books. It takes the pressure off.


  4. Love that you volunteer to assist them, that is very cool!!!
    Yay, your race is coming up, your going to have such a great time can’t wait to hear about it! I do hope you get perfect race conditions that morning!!!!


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