Friday Five: Race-cation Tips

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I love racing and I love traveling so my “fitness” topic for this Friday is Five Tips for Taking a Race-cation

Well, I do do this several times a year so here are my tips:

  1. Plan early.

Pick out a race and register.  Decide how you are going to get there (drive or fly?) Arrange lodging (hotel or friends’ place?) Even decide how you get to the race start (walk, drive, subway, taxi, friend?)

It is less stressful to know all the details of your race-cation way in advance.


trained for this race together and/or roomed together.

    2. Start packing early but prepared for last minute changes in weather.

I start a few weeks in advance.  I use a bed in my spare bedroom.  Sometimes, I use an extra laundry basket.  And everything I think of something to bring, I put in the pile.  You can’t do it all in advance because as we know, the weather forecasts will change. And the forecast is not always accurate. So bring a shirt for a warmer forecast and one for a cooler one. Bring a rain poncho & an umbrella.  Of course, bring throw away clothes.

getting ready to head out into the rain

I thought that it didn’t rain in southern California.

  3. Bring your race morning breakfast and any special food that you require.

I never count on that a friend or hotel will have what I usually eat.  I bring packets of oatmeal/cream of wheat and coffee/tea.  (Don’t forget a cup, bowl & spoon.) I also pack energy bars in case I need a snack the day before.


 4.  Plan to arrive at least 2 days before the race.

Of course, you’ll have time to relax. And if you car breaks down or your flight is cancelled, you won’t miss your race. (Yes, it happened to me twice.) And you will have time to get used to the weather or altitude by doing a test run.


From winter in the NE to winter in Fla. What a difference!

5. Have fun! Plan things to do in addition to running a race.

Do some sightseeing. Visiting a new place is one of the perks of a destination race!!


Ignore the hair but got to climb to the top of a lighthouse after a Florida race.


and why should you??

Happy Running! Any other tips for taking race-vacations?



23 thoughts on “Friday Five: Race-cation Tips

  1. Great tips! I’m a big fan of planning early. I feel like it makes things less stressful on race day. Because the last thing you need then is extra stress! I’m even treating RnR DC a bit like a racecation though I live in the DC suburbs. A couple friends and I are splitting the costs of a hotel room downtown and turning it into a mini vacation 🙂


  2. I love destination races and and traveling to them. We live in the wine country of Napa valley so tons of runners head this way 🙂


  3. I pack my Gatorade Endurance powder in a ziplock bag so I’ll have it to sip on pre race. If I’m traveling by car, I take my preferred bottled water too. I hope we racecation in the same spot one day!


  4. Great tips ! Booking early also keeps the price down.
    I always bring my food. I would also add to do sightseeing AFTER the race… if its before = major risk of fatigue.


  5. I have actually planned my trip to see my Mom when there was a race. The date ended up getting switched and I wasn’t in town for it 😦 Maybe one of these years I will get to do a race when I visit her.


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