Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Sarasota Music Half Marathon


My Next Race:

I am really looking forward to this race.  In fact, I planned this race-cation and registered for this race way before my last half marathon.

Because that race didn’t go as well as planned, I could now use this one as redemption.

But since this half marathon takes place in Florida, as well, the heat, wind and humidity could impact my race in the same way.

This time, though, my goals are not as lofty.

In fact, I don’t even have a time goal.

I just want to run a little faster and not fall apart the last half of the race.

How will I do that?

Push myself more (walk less) and hope that I won’t collapse??

I already ran the First Watch Half Marathon here in March 2013.  It was my first half after a year off due to ankle surgery and then a foot stress fracture.  Though my ortho said I couldn’t run long distances, I decided to train for it anyway. (I’m stubborn like that!)

I ran over that humongous bridge twice and

I’m in turquoise

finished the race joyfully in 2:34.

so happy to be running!!!

Now three years and 10 half marathons later, I am still worried about finishing and hoping to have a decent finish time. (Does it ever get easier?)

The course below is similar to First Watch Half Marathon but after running over the bridge twice, you run a different loop back to the start/finish line.

you pass music 42 times on this race course

Hopefully, the next time I post, I will be wearing this medal…



This is always nerve-wracking when you have to fly to the race’s location.  I fly out on Thursday so I’m worried about the weather in the NE at this time of year.  (I think I got lucky here.) The race is not until Sunday. I am traveling with and staying with two non-runners. So most likely, my last run will have been on the Tuesday before the race.

with Pat in 2013

The friend that I am staying with lives an hour from the race location (Sarasota) so I rented a car and will be staying with another friend who lives there. I will go to Sarasota on Saturday to pick up my race packet and stay with her that night (and maybe Sunday.)  I also may meet up with 2 other tennis friends who spend the winter in Sarasota.

my race hosts in 2013 and 2016

I don’t fly home until Tuesday so I will drive back to my other friend’s and stay there until I leave.


I don’t want any rain and or humidity or wind. (fussy, huh?)

It would be wonderful to be cool and dry and sunny during the race.

But I can’t control the weather…and here’s the forecast:

sarasota weather

yup… not ideal and the 81% humidity is what worries me.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Happy Running!  What are you thinking about this Thursday?  Do you have a big race on the horizon?



5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Sarasota Music Half Marathon

  1. So lucky to have friends to stay with! I hope your flights go smoothly.

    No, I wouldn’t like that forecast, but I’d stay optimistic that it will change for the better (while preparing for the worse). Just think of me layering up the same day.

    By not having a goal, you might surprise yourself. Either way, I have no doubt you will finish.


  2. I am wishing cool weather and nice breezes for your race this Sunday. Like you, I always get anxious before a race so in answer to your question, no, it does not get any easier. Hope you have a great race Darlene


  3. Hoping you have gray weather ! I was in Sarasota last year in March and froze my butt off ! But Florida has been having such great weather this year, I am sure it will be fine ! Have fun, that is one big bridge !


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