Winter Series #5 (10M) Race Recap


last year – I’m the one with the pink hat & gloves

Yes, I ran another FREE race sponsored by Hudson Mohawk Runners Club .

This weekend, they offered distances of 4M, 10M and 20M.

I usually run 8 miles on the weekend before my half marathon. But the 4M option was too short so I decided to run the 10 miles being careful not to overdo.

This would be my 5th 10 miler :

HMRRC Winter Series #5 – 1:42:50 (same course)
The Perfect 10 Miler (in NJ) – 1:38:45 PR
Adirondack Distance 10m – 1:44:39
Mayor’s Wellness 10m – 1:49:55

On this same course, I finished the 15k two weeks ago in 1:33:13.

So my expectations (NOT A GOAL!!) for this one was to be around 1:40-:42. but most importantly, NOT GET INJURED!!!

The weather cooperated.  It was the warmest day we’ve had in a while.  It was forecast to be in the high 40’s but unfortunately, it was pretty windy so it felt cold when I left.

I had a headache all night and didn’t sleep well. I contemplated skipping the race and running later but in the end I went.

I left later than usual but luckily got the last spot in the lot.

I immediately bumped into my FB friend, Barbara. I also got to see Patrick, my running coach from the Turkey Trot.  He was the race coordinator this week. I also chatted with Lara whom I played on a team with years ago and Sherri whom I met at a local race a few months ago.


me, Lara, Barbara & Sherri

I stayed indoors until the very last minute and then made my out way outside.

It felt COLD due to the wind. I was glad I kept my jacket on and had gloves.

Both Barbara and Sherri were running the 4.3 miler.  Lara was running her first 10 mile race.

Those running the 10 miler started near the tennis courts and the first mile was a loop around the courts before continuing on to the two loops of the State Office campus.

I’ve run this same course so many times but it doesn’t get any better. It’s boring and there are hills and not enough water stops. (But I’m not complaining. It’s a FREE race!)

When the wind was at your back, it was very pleasant.  I even unzipped my jacket and took off my gloves.

I kept telling myself to run a slower pace.  It would suck to have something hurt so close to my half marathon.

So I let Lara run by me and didn’t try to catch up.

During mile 3, a guy came up to me and we started chatting.  He was training for the Toronto Marathon which he would be running with his 25 yr-old speedy daughter from NYC.  Eventually, I told him to run ahead. He was slowing down to talk to me and I was speeding up to talk to him.

So I trudged along and didn’t walk (except for several times when my sunglasses fogged up…so annoying) until the first water stop at mile 4 or so. I took a Gu and walked for awhile. It felt so good to walk but then it was hard to get going.

I just told myself that this was simply a training run and just do it.

It was funny how the 20 milers were sprinting by me one by one. I had to keep moving over to get out of their way.

I ran alone until around mile 7.  Elsa from the SRMs caught up to me and we chatted.  Then she and her friend passed me by.  Eventually they walked a bit & I passed them by.  But in the end, they passed me again and I never caught up to  them.

I walked again and took at GU at second water stop around mile 8.

Throughout the race, the wind would pick up and I would zip up my jacket and put my gloves back on and then it wold die down and I would be sweating.

Finally the end was near.  Miriam who used to work where I take yoga, caught up to me.  We chatted until she sped off.  It must be nice to have all that speed at the end.

I never do.  This race was no exception.

But I was very happy that I felt fine and nothing hurt. I was able to keep my slower pace the whole time and I didn’t try to race.

I did sprint finally and crossed the finish line around at 1:44:10.

Much slower than I expected but feeling good.

I grabbed some refreshments –  some hot soup (tomato basil?), vegetarian chili, bread and then, hot chocolate and cookies.

I finished 163 out of  178. At least I wasn’t last.


They gave awards for the top 2 in each 10 year age group. I was 4th I think among the speedy old ladies.

So I did what I set out to do – my last long training run before the big one.

Race splits:

mile 1 – 9:37
mile 2 – 10:02
mile 3 – 9:55
mile 4 – 10:18
mile 5 – 11:03 (water & GU)
mile 6 – 10:45
mile 7 – 10:36
mile 8 – 10:58 (water & GU)
mile 9 – 10:29
mile 10 -10:22
.1 – 7:05

I was glad that I ran the race. My pace was slower than if I was really racing it but definitely a lot faster (and more enjoyable) than running alone.


Next week at least, it’ll be WARMER! And I won’t have to wear winter clothes like above.

Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter?  Did you run this weekend?


11 thoughts on “Winter Series #5 (10M) Race Recap

  1. I’m glad you took it easy & hopefully it’ll pay off with a good race next weekend.

    It was warmer in Poughkeepsie; I actually had to tie my jacket around my waist (no doubt because I waited until almost 10:30, since it was quite chilly this morning (especially walking Lola at 6 am in my pjs — I didn’t think she’d actually want to go for a walk! And yes, I had my long down coat on over them).

    A nice, hilly run & lots of walking — she kept wanting to walk & then we stopped at the walkway on the way home.


  2. Nice job getting that last long run in, especially on a course where you go into it knowing it’s a mental challenge. And now, on to some relaxing before your half marathon, woohoo!


  3. That is a great time! You are right, too close to your race to really push. You finished feeling good and that is awesome, and it sounds like pretty good post race food.
    Wind is always a tough factor, it can make it feel so much colder…


  4. So annoying to put on the jacket / take it off / put it on / take it off. But that is winter weather for you !
    How fun to know so many people at the race. What great support.
    Have a great week and good luck this weekend !


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