Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday –  Had the day off from work so it would have been nice to go for a run but it was so windy and COLD!! Instead, I went to the dentist, did some errands and played tennis in the evening.
  • Tuesday –  Took my morning walk around work. I intended to run outside but the wind turned me into a wuss.  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill instead and then met my BFF for a movie (Carol).

2 episodes of Modern Family

  • Wednesday – A short run after work before yoga. Cold but not as windy as Monday & Tuesday.


Wed Yoga with Lisa

photos when Lisa was the teacher. Now I have Maria.

  • Thursday – Another after work run.  It was cold and windier than Wednesday but I just couldn’t face the treadmill.
  •  Friday – Rest day and an evening of mah jongg.
  • Saturday – The dreaded 12 mile long run.  Today was the day! And the snowstorm hit south and missed us. YAY!!! I like to pick a new location for each of my runs so I chose Colonie Town Park.  Judy was again nice enough to keep me company on my last 6 miles.  And it was freezing but we survived.

Challenge Yourself Virtual 10K race


  • Sunday – Rest Day. Did a whole bunch of cooking!! Finished my scarf. Finished my puzzle.  Watched ice skating on TV. Yes, I stayed home which I NEVER do.

22.5 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:  (2 weeks until Half Marathon #17 ) 

  • Monday – 4 mile run after work
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run, dinner out with tennis ladies
  • Thursday – 4 mile run, dinner out with a co-worker
  • Friday –   restmah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday -rest, hair appt
  • Sunday – HMRRC #5 – 10 mile race
I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


12 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. that’s a great idea breaking up your 12-miler into two 6-milers. I did a virtual half marathon a few years ago, and my husband ran the first 6 miles with me, and a friend met me and ran the remaining seven miles. What a breeze it was! The games we have to (sometimes) play with our minds to get it done 😉


  2. You had a strong week, in spite of the cold weather. Just think, in a few days you will be in beautiful, sunny, warm Sarasota Florida and ready to rock your seventeenth half marathon. I must admit I’m a wee bit jealous. I bet you do great at this race! Thanks for linking with us Darlene!


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