Challenge Yourself Virtual 10K Race Recap

I am excited to be a Running on the Wall race ambassador and yesterday, I participated in the Challenge Yourself Virtual 10K.

Normally I run races every weekend. But in the NE during the winter months, there are very few scheduled.

I would have to just run for myself.  But this was so much more motivating.

What I like about virtual races it that they help me push myself just a bit more and this race did just that.

It was not as fast as a real race but definitely better than if I was just running on my own.

What is even cooler is the nice race bling they send you. I got a bib, a medal, a tank top, the bib, a car magnet and either choose a runners hat or arm sleeves. (I chose the arm sleeves since I don’t have any besides the DIY ones made from cheap socks.)


And the tank top, it is light weight and perfect for me! It is one I will be proud and comfortable wearing to remind myself: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”  Yes, running is hard and it’s supposed to be hard.

Since I had planned to do my long run of 12 miles yesterday, I decided that it would be a good day to run the Challenge Yourself Virtual 10k Race.

The snowstorm hit south of us so we didn’t get a single flake but what we did get was COLD temps and wind.

It was 16 degrees when I arrived to start my race but in the single digits with the windchill. I did dress for these frigid temps and the only thing that was cold were my fingers because I kept taking off my gloves to take photos.

I started my race by running 2 miles around Colonie Town Park.  I have run here before and it’s where the Mohawk Hudson Hal Marathon starts.


There’s lots of trails but I kept running into ice and turning around.


The park is on the Mohawk River which looks to be frozen.


Heading out of the park, you run under a covered bridge.


Next I ran on the path toward the Nisky Bike Path where I run many of my long runs.


It was mostly clear but every now and then there were snowy patches.  Luckily, it was just snow not ice.

To get to the Nisky bike path, you had to run on the road.



this bridge is on the highway along the Mohawk River


you had to be careful because you couldn’t see cars coming around the curve

Finally I arrived at the entrance of the bike path.


Here there were quite a few snowy patches but they were not slippery.



a view of the Mohawk River in the distance

After 2 miles on this route, I turned around.

I have a really bad sense of direction and made a left when I should have made a right so had to back track.  (Good news is that it gave me the .2 miles that I would have needed.)


back to the path leading to my car

I was very happy to arrive at my car and thaw out.


10K completed!

Time: 1:07:55

One of my slower 10Ks but I am happy!

I can’t wait to do another Running on the Wall race!

thumbs up to Running on the Wall Virtual Races

Happy Running! Do you like virtual races? Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself Virtual 10K Race Recap

  1. I haven’t done a virtual race yet. Not sure it is something I would like. LOVE your pictures though ! I grew up in Maine and your pictures look exactly like Maine in the winter too. Brings back great memories.


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