Tuesdays on the Run: Oldies but Goodies

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life


This week’s topic is Running oldies but goodies. Gear you’d buy all over again.

I haven’t been running for that long – only seriously since 2010 but here’s my list (Sorry if you have heard it all before):

  • My Garmin 205 Watch

I bought it in 2011 right before my first half marathon.  Back then 305/205 was the norm and now runners look and laugh at its size. I still love it because it shows everything I want on ONE screen.  I don’t have to hit any buttons.  I’ll be sad when it kicks the bucket.


  • My SpiBelt

After breaking my ankle and not having my phone on me, I vowed to always carry it, no matter what.  That’s where my SpiBelt comes in handy.  It fits my phone, even my new iphone 6s. And for races, no more trying to get your bib pinned on straight.  It has hangers to attach my bib to it.

no belt


better, right?

  • Compression Socks

I wore my first pair for my first half in 2011 and I haven’t looked back since. I think they have helped my legs recover better but I don’t want to not wear them to find out.


I have since switched to compression sleeves when it is warm & humid to combat the blister issue.

Eau Palm Beach Half

  • Champion Brand jackets & tights & more…

I don’t like to spend a lot on running gear unless I have to.  These you can buy at Target and they have served me well.

I have this jacket in 3 colors – cheap, comfortable & warm enough.  Same with their tights.


Polar Cap 2015

Happy Running! What running items would you buy all over again?


19 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: Oldies but Goodies

    • Old Navy has great running stuff. I have an old pair of Nike lined tights that I wear when it is really cold. My legs are not what gets cold – it’s my face & hands.


  1. I love the Champion brand too! Target is my go-to store for running clothes, much to my husband’s dismay! But most everything I own is Champion. And I’m with you on the compression sleeves! I won’t go further than a mile without ’em! You have a great list here!


  2. I think my oldest piece of running gear that I still use is a Mizuno hat that has earflaps – I look like Elmer Fudd when I wear it, but I pull that bad boy out whenever it’s in the low 30s or below, and it keeps me warm enough while I run. Funny how we all have our favorites!


  3. My daughter and I have a ton of Champion gear. She especially loves the sports bras (I think she has at least a dozen). I especially love the summer-weight T-shirts in part because they’re cheap, work great and I don’t feel guilty when I toss them when I can’t de-stink-ify them. Plus, they come in really great colors!


  4. Do you always wear compression socks while running ? I just got my first pair and wear them after my long runs, but haven’t tried during my runs.

    and I would pay 50 dollars on a bra ! I am loving Odlo (same brand as the jacket with watch slit).


  5. I had that Garmin and I LOVED it! Same reason as you: all the screens. Subsequent models haven’t allowed me to see everything I want without toggling and face it I don’t run and toggle. Ha! I love Champion stuff. Except their tanks are crazy long on me. Thanks for linking up!


    • I actually look much better without them (those ugly cottage cheese thighs). But I’m afraid of getting any injuries during my long runs or races so I wear them.


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