My Busy Stay-cation: Parties, Running, Movies…

This is my fourth day of my vastaycation. And until today the weather has been great.

Here’s how things have gone so far…

Day 1:

I ran 5 miles on the paved rail trail…


cloudy…but so warm that


…I wore a skirt and a tank. Yes on Dec 24!!


festive outfit?

That afternoon, the hubby & I went to see Star Wars and then out to dinner afterwards for a quiet Christmas Eve.

Day 2:

After opening gifts, I went to visit my mentee, Amanda. I love spoiling her kids for Christmas


Richard is 9


Matthew is 4


my “pseudo” family

Later, I visited a friend and then went to see The Danish Girl with my running friend Judy. (That’s what Jews do on Christmas LOL)

In the evening, my hubby & I went to have Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law’s with my 2 stepsons, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law and her hubby.  Lasagna, meatballs, sausage, the whole nine yards… so stuffed!!!!

After dinner, we went to my BFF’s to visit and see her daughter who was home from CA.

Day 3:

I needed to run off all that food.  It wasn’t as warm as Christmas Eve but it was still warm for this time of year (high 40’s). So I ran 2 miles on the Nisky Bike Path




…and then ran 6 more miles with Judy.


It was a really nice run and I enjoyed running with a friend instead of by myself.


Judy made me look fast here. Thanks!

After my run, I rushed home to go to movie #3, Joy with 3 tennis friends.

In the evening, I took Amanda out for a belated birthday celebration to Canvas, Corks & Forks.

Here you eat as much as you want of 4 types of mac n cheese, drink and also paint…


my drink = chocolate wine


in progress


our finished masterpieces

After all that mac n cheese, we still went out after for dessert!!

Day 4:

A little bit of catch up today – laundry, cooking, cleaning before going out AGAIN tonight.

My hubby also put up my Christmas present (that I picked out for myself)..

the bottom row – distances other than half marathon and some of my age group medals not all fit)

with the top row of half marathon medals  – I left room on the right for the Sarasota Music Half on Feb 7, 2016!)

I love the medal rack…but if I designed I would have had the back row fall lower so those medals wouldn’t be hidden.

As you can see I am already out of space. (What do you avid racers do with all your medals??)

Tonight is my annual tennis party – games, gift giving and lots more food.


photo from last year

It is rainy and nasty today but I plan to do some running tomorrow!!! I know I can’t run off all those extra calories but I can try…

So far, I haven’t had a chance to relax…

Happy Running! Anyone else busier when they are off from work than when they work?


4 thoughts on “My Busy Stay-cation: Parties, Running, Movies…

  1. I am envious as I look at your puffy cloud pictures! The rain here never stopped, just bleck…I am glad you had some really nice runs! I have eaten so many treats I will never burn them off lol I need to hit the reset button! I have some extra pounds to lose now…
    Your medal rack is beautiful 🙂
    I love being off work more than anything holiday related to be honest. I could do this for another month and be perfectly content!


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