Ultimate Coffee Date November

Today I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date for the second time.

The Ultimate Coffee Date
I do LOVE coffee especially Starbucks but I was having trouble sleeping so I gave up caffeine and now I drink herbal tea for breakfast and decaf coffee if I have anything later in the day. (Not sure if I sleep any better but it was VERY tough giving up that coffee & I have a lot of teas to use up.)
Over decaf coffee…
I’d tell you that I am having a hard time remembering how to dress for fall weather.  Summer is so easy…a tank and a skirt. Now that it’s getting chilly out, what do I wear???
It hasn’t helped that one day it is 30 degrees and the next day it is 70 degrees!!

70 degrees?!

I vow no matter how cold it is to keep wearing skirts …. (until Thanksgiving??)

30 degrees!

Over decaf coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m almost over pumpkin….IMG_6985

For the last month, I’ve been eating anything and everything pumpkin!

I’m ready for cranberry!!

and new Starbucks flavors…

this year they have chestnut praline!! yum!

Over decaf coffee…

I’d tell you that I may have a NYC obsession.




I went to NYC 3 times in October and I’m going again next Sunday.

To be fair, I’m going this time with my hubby and he never gets to go and of course, I don’t mind.

Broadway instead of running in Central Park. I have to compromise for the sake of the marriage LOL.

Over decaf coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m worried that I am not worried about my half marathon in one month…

eau palm beach

In fact for the next Ultimate Coffee Date, I will be in Florida.

I have my flight and I booked a very cheap hotel for the night before the race (Sat).

Hotel Biba – heard of it anyone?

I don’t know where I am staying Friday or Sunday nights (although I do have friends in the area.)  I am usually so Type A about these things.

As for the race, it does look scenic.  It’s not the same course as the one I ran in January (the course runs north rather than south) and according to the map, it is 13.4 miles.

I’m not aiming for a PR. I would like to have a pain-free race and hopefully a faster time than my last 4 half marathons. I’m also hoping for warm weather but not too warm (and NO RAIN!)

half marathon #16 and #7 for 2015

Happy Running! Hope you enjoyed your morning coffee or tea!


7 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date November

  1. Wow this race in FL does look cool, should be some awesome views on the course too! I’m just so inspired by you just taking off right by yourself and going to all of these races! Love your pictures of NYC. I hope my coffee doesn’t make me where I can’t sleep. So far it hasn’t. Enjoyed coffee with you Darlene, keep on trucking lady and wearing those skirts!


  2. I was in West Palm Beach last week for a meeting, that should be a pretty course! Keep on sporting the skirts, looks like fall is not coming to Florida! HA! Enjoy the decaf and yes, bring on the cranberry!


  3. I applaud you for giving up caffeine. Let me know if it helps your sleep. I try not to have any in the afternoons, but sometimes I do. Did you try pumpkin spice cream cheese? OMG! Good. I’m already into the cranberry now too. And gingerbread! Ha Ha! — you are worried you are not worried!


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