Jailhouse Rock 5K race report

The race started at 8:30  at the Brookside Museum in Ballston Spa (about 40 minutes away.)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve done this one 3 times before (in 2009, 2010, & 2012).


I’m the one in the pink compression socks

I know that you walk up a hill to start and you finish running down this hill.

the hill is VERY steep

It was chilly for an August race.  It felt more like fall than summer. But nice weather for running. I wore my new Swirlgear tank (though it was too big) and hoped that the sun would warm me up.

I got there early enough to find parking and use the rest room (in the museum). I bumped into 2 runners from my age group – one very fast and one slower than me.  We chatted and then it was time to head up the hill.

I turned on my Garmin and I realized it was almost dead.  It must not have been on the charger correctly.  Oh well, I was hoping that it just might last 3 miles.

The first mile was a gradual uphill but nothing steep.  I tried to hold back but I am not good at that. There were no clocks on the course but someone called out 9:20 somewhere after mile 1.

I was hoping to run the whole thing but around halfway at the water stop, I was pooped already so I stopped and walked for a while.

Around 1.7 miles, my Garmin stopped.  So I guess I had to run blindly.

Mile 2 seemed to be flat and then at the same point, I think someone called out 16:xx.

Without a watch, I was lost.  I can’t believe how I depend on it.  I like to know how far till the end of the race and what my pace is.

I knew there was that downhill at the but I found myself walking AGAIN, right before it.

Finally I got to  the steep hill, I wish I was confident enough to go all out but I was afraid of falling flat on my face so I held back.

Then I saw the clock.  It was 27:xx but it was too late to get a PR…those darn walks!!

I crossed at 28:25.

I was happy. It was faster than my previous two 5ks.



While I was waiting for the times to be posted, I ran into another runner that I met at 2 other races.  She is 59.  She finished several minutes ahead of me but was 6th in her age group.  I came in 2nd in my group.  (I guess that will change next year when she is in my age group.)



race swag – hat for my ag prize, tech tee shirt, Xmas ornament, a package of cards

After the race, on the way back to my car, I passed the Iron Spring.


it is on the Xmas onrament

Then I noticed a trail so I took it.


It was only 1 mile out and back but very peaceful.


On one side there was brook flowing.


Although it was not warm and it was getting cloudy, I decided to drive back up to the lake.

I wanted to run some more but it was late and everyone was heading out to one of the islands.


Log Bay island on Lake George

We hung out all afternoon – eating, listening to music and watching the boats go by.


the marina gang

As for my 5K,  I am satisfied with my efforts but as always, feel that I can do better.


mile 1 –  9:03
mile 1- 1.7 – 9:26
mile 1.7-3.1 – ???

Race Goals:

  • Run the whole thing (haven’t been very successful at this lately.) – NOPE – walked twice
  • Under 10 min mile splits – YES!
  • Finish under 30 minutes – YES!
  • Win an age group award – YES – 2nd
  • Finish happy & uninjured – YES!

My next 5k is Sept 7.  After that, I need to prep for my 10 miler in October.

Happy Running! Any racing plans this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Jailhouse Rock 5K race report

  1. Great job! I ran my first HM without a Garmin & I was lost. I would definitely hate it if it died in a race!

    I love flying downhill. It’s one of the few times it feel fast. 🙂

    Cute top but I would’ve been cold in that yesterday! I wore short sleeves, but then again our run started at 6:15.

    I have 10 miles on 8/30 & no group run . . .


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