Busy weekend ahead

Work is giving us Friday off! Woo Hoo!

So I decided to head to Connecticut a day early.

Fonda is front & center

Fonda, one of my traveling tennis friends, recently bought a condo in Torrington, CT and invited all of us for the weekend.


view from the condo’s deck

But if I go a day early, that means I will leave a day early.  My friend Linda is coming with me.  This will free up some beds for Sat. eve and leave me available to do a 5K on Sunday.

Sunday, August 3 in Chesterown, NY

Yes, another race. Yay!


there is 3 mile trail around this pond

So Friday I will be driving 2 hours to CT, playing tennis, swimming, maybe running…


the pool

and then Saturday, more tennis, swimming, female bonding, etc. and driving home from CT.

May - tennnis vacation in Florida

love my tennis friends

Sunday, I will have to get up early to drive up to Chestertown (about 1 hr 15 min.) for the race. I may run some after and then go boating for the rest of the day.  (The race is 15 minutes from the marina.)

me schroon r

running in Chestertown

Chestertown is hilly and I will most likely be tired from 2 days of tennis. So hopefully, I will have a good race.


  • Run the whole thing (This never used to be so hard.)
  • Beat my last race finish time (30:49)
  • Get an age group award
  • Finish uninjured

So a busy but fun weekend ahead.  Hope the weather cooperates.

Happy Running! What are your plans for the weekend?





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