The Important Stuff…The Outfit

philly weather

Philly Forecast

Of course, I have been obsessively checking the weather and hoping for a warm up. It has been a COLD week!!

I have run 6 out of 7 of my previous half marathons in warm weather (at least 60-70 degrees except for the Lake George Half weather debacle.)

Naples, FL

Lake George, NY

Schroon Lake, NY

(black short sleeve top, pink skirt)
Rhinebeck, NY

Santa Clarita, CA

Sarasota Half Marathon

Sarasota, FL

Albany, NY

So what to wear for this half marathon in Philly?

I bought a new pink skirt:


I have another  pair of black compression socks:


I would love to wear my Lululemon tank:


with a pink baseball cap:


and my Brooks shoes:


If only it were 60-70 degrees. It looks like it will be in the 40’s with WIND and RAIN!!. (The forecast gets worse every time  I check…it started out as being sunny and in the 60s.)

mar 30

Do I need to add a jacket, gloves & tights to my outfit??  Probably YES. UGH!!!

Fingers crossed. Praying that there is NO RAIN!!!!!

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Happy Running! Is your running outfit important?

One thought on “The Important Stuff…The Outfit

  1. I have my fingers crossed that the weather stays decent for you.I love the outfit you’ve picked out and I hope it’s warm enough. I would probably bring the warmer weather stuff, just in case. My hands would freeze in 40* temps.

    Clothes are super important. I want to be comfortable, have freedom of movement and look semi-cute!

    Have a great race!


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