The Countdown is on…


My 8th Half Marathon is in THREE DAYS…gulp!

I shouldn’t be nervous, right?

Well, I never feel confident about my running.

Yes, I know I can and will finish. I knew after the first one that I could run 13.1 miles.

Though I started running in 2008, 2011 was the first year that I ever even considered running a Half Marathon and I did 5 that year! Yes, I got hooked.

My first was the Naples Half Marathon and my time was 2:28:27 (gun time) and I was thrilled finishing under the 2:45 cut off.


My second was the Lake George Half Marathon. It was pouring freezing rain the whole race and my time was 2:22:39. I didn’t wear my Garmin and there were no clocks so I was shocked at this PR.


A strained Achilles delayed my training for #3 which was the Adirondack Half Marathon. With my longest training run being 6 miles, I finished this race by walking the second half. My time of 2:44:59 was much faster than I expected.


My 4th, the Fall Foliage Half Marathon, was just a spur of the moment long training run.  It was VERY hilly and I was happy with my time of 2:32:50

My supposedly PR race was the Santa Clarita Half Marathon, my 5th.  It was in California & pouring for the first 6 miles.  I was very disappointed with my time of 2:30:12. I felt that I trained well but I fell apart the second half of the race 😦


Unfortunately, after the 5th, I broke my ankle, then had a stress fracture so when Half Marathon #6 came 16 months later, I was just glad to finish. My time for the Sarasota Half Marathon was 2:33:59. My ankle & foot held up and I was elated.

Sarasota Half Marathon


Half Marathon #7 was supposed to be the one where I would be seriously training and get a PR. Then I broke my foot.  With a late start to my training and my weekly miles not what I would like, again this half marathon was just “I’ll be happy to finish.” My time for the Mohawk-Hudson Half Marathon was 2:24:14, actually my second fastest time.


So for Half Marathon #8, I am trying not to put pressure on myself.

lr medal

My main goal for this half is to ENJOY it (It is the largest half marathon so far in 2014… my first BIG one.)

And though I would be satisfied with D, happy with C, I would be ecstatic with A.

GOAL A: under 2:22:39
GOAL B: under 2:24:14
GOAL C: under 2:30:12
GOAL D: finish smiling and uninjured



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Happy Running! Do you run Half Marathons? Do you train for them or just enjoy them?

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