Day Off and Icicles


It was President’s Day yesterday.

Normally I would be so excited for the long weekend but due to the snow, I already had 3 1/2 days off.

I play tennis on Monday nights and I ran an awful 10 miles the day before.

So this was a REST day! No Running!

I did some errands and then was glued to the TV to watch the Olympics free skate program for Ice Dancing….Loved it and especially the outcome.

Gold for the US!!

Then I read for awhile but the sun was shining….

So forget about the rest day. I wanted to go for a run…short a slow, short one.

I don’t really enjoy running  in my neighborhood because of the traffic so I drove into town.

I parked at Stewarts (near the rail trail) and ran on the back roads. I used to run here all the time before I discovered the bike paths. It is pretty flat and hardly any traffic.

The roads were fairly dry. The sun was out.  It was very cold but less windy than on Sunday.


There are sidewalks but they were not clear. So I ran in the road.  Hardly any cars went by.


What really fascinated my was the icicles hanging from all the houses.


This kept me entertained.  It seemed that some were very very long….


Then I went to the main road and noticed this clock.  It is on the shirts for own town races but I never really noticed it before.


Nov 24, 2011

turkey trot logo (with that clock)

delmar hm

new half marathon logo (with the clock)

Too much traffic on the main road so I returned to my car on the back roads. I ended up with 3 miles for the run! (And yes, my legs were tired playing tennis…glad it was doubles.)

Today it is snowing so I am glad I got out there to enjoy the sunshine.

Happy Running! How’s your winter running been?


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