My Next and Favorite 5K


2013 shirt…I think it goes with the skirt I wore for the Sarasota Half

Will I be on the first page of the sports section again?

that’s me 2nd from left (2010)


me again in the purple (2012)

I should be running long and not racing a 5K.  (I have a 10 mile race is a few weeks and am going to NYC on Sunday.)

But for the 6th time, I am running this race. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


The Freihofer Run for Women is my favorite race:

  • It is ALL women – all ages – all sizes – veterans  – newbies – elites – walkers
  • It is a real USATF race with Olympic runners in it.
  • It feels so good to be a part of its excitement.
  • The results are printed in the local newspaper and even though I finish around 2000, I am happy if I finish in the top half.
  • You always meet someone you know.
  • Running it in 2008 made realize that I that I could be a runner.
  • Being part of other runners’ first 5k in 2010 made me proud.
  • 2011 was my FRW PR year.
  • Finishing it in 2012 helped me believe that I could be a runner again.
  • It ends with a downhill 🙂
  • Maybe I’ll make the newspapers again…

In such a crowded race, it is impossible to have time goal. But finishing under 30 minutes would make me happy.

Happy Running!  Do you have a favorite race?


7 thoughts on “My Next and Favorite 5K

  1. Oh heck yeah, how could you NOT do this race again?!

    I think my favorite is the Armadillo Dash 5K (not the half, which I did this year) – but there are several that I won’t miss. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to plan a trip your way next year to do your favorite race! 🙂


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