J is for Java or Jo

I am a coffee snob!

Yes, I am.

drinking coffee out of my new Moscow mug

drinking coffee before a race

I have my own espresso machine at home and I make my own coffee and my hubby makes his own. I only drink one cup a day (in the morning) and I want it to be perfect.  During the day when at work, I go across the street to Starbucks (and choose Decaf.)

Yes, I ate both cake pops

mid-day treat

The facts:

  • I like strong coffee (in taste…my coffee has to taste like coffee)
  • I like flavored coffee (at home I use flavored creamers such as hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, etc.)
  • I use Splenda in my coffee (not real sugar).

So as you can see, it could be a problem when I am not at home.

In the summer, I bring my own coffeepress, coffee, creamer & splenda to the lake & make my coffee at the marina.

Sometimes I just have to be flexible.


not so great coffee from Stewarts

But I have to have coffee in the morning and I have to have coffee before an AM run or a race.

pre-race meal & a view

pre-race coffee

No better reward than a good cup of Java and a pastry!!

vanilla latte & apple scone

vanilla latte & apple scone – YUM!

Happy Running! Are you a coffee drinker? How important is it to you?


12 thoughts on “J is for Java or Jo

  1. I drink 3-4 cups a day! So bad for me I know!!! We have Wawa in South Jersey and it is the BEST COFFEE EVER! I am quite the snob though and I do enjoy Kona coffee.


  2. Huge coffee snob over here. It is the only treat I allow myself. 2 a day. Morning nd at homework time . I have a fancy machine at home and I can make coffee like a barista!!!! And I buy only the good stuff…no Costco coffee! 🙂


  3. 2 cups folgers with 10% half and half every morning. Sometimes, a shot of hazelnut is a treat.
    I am hoping when you get to the letter “P”, your topic will be about protein powder and what are your thoughts on that one. 🙂
    Learning something new each day from your blog. Never knew what fartleks were before now. 🙂


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