I is for Iphones & Ipads


look what’s in my hand – my iPhone, of course!

I hardly go anywhere without my iPhone. (This comes from someone who resisted for a long time buying a smartphone & I work in the IT field.)

I started out only using it as a phone.

That meant that I still carried a camera.  (And I still prefer to take pictures with my camera.) Eventually, I got lazy and now I frequently use my iPhone as a camera.  In fact, my last half marathon was the first time that I didn’t carry a camera to a race.

Sarasota Half Marathon

my iPhone is in my SpiBelt

Until recently, I listened to music on my iPod Shuffle (I love how small it is) but now I even use my iPhone for tunes (since I carry it anyway.)


iPhone is in my pocket

I do have some running apps (walkjogrun & runtastic) on it but I have yet to use them,  I am pretty content with my Garmin 205.

As for my iPad (I got it at least a year before my iPhone), it is invaluable.  I download books on it (though I do read real books for the most part), play Scrabble on it and most importantly, it keeps my sane on the treadmill.


 I hardly ever watch real TV anymore.

I even prefer (if I have wifi) to read my e-mail or check Facebook on it.  Maybe it’s my “old” eyes but I just like the large screen.

Happy Running! Do you have an iPhone or an iPad?  If so, what do you use them for?


8 thoughts on “I is for Iphones & Ipads

  1. I use both. I use the notes section of my iPhone for shopping lists, to do lists, really anything that I need to remember. I also have a Runkeeper app that I use, a weather app, a dictionary and I have Netflix on it so that I can watch movies if I ever get completely bored….and that is just a few.


    • at home, my cable co has an app & I can watch live tv anywhere in the house. At work, there is wifi & I have the abc, cbs, nbc, lifetime etc apps to watch all my favorite shows.


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