Thankful November

I wasn’t organized enough to do this daily but I really was thankful each day of this month:

  1. Thankful that my friend encouraged me to learn to knit.  It keeps me focused and takes my mind off of my injuries.
  2. Thankful for having learned to play Mah Jongg.  I have met new people and it is a lot of fun and keeps my “old” mind active.
  3. Thankful for our boat and the people who live in Lake George that we have befriended because of it.
  4. Thankful for my tennis friends and although we don’t play tennis often together, we do other things to stay connected.
  5. Thankful for my job.  Besides the salary, I enjoy helping people and feeling appreciated.
  6. Thankful for my right to vote.
  7. Thankful that President Obama was re-elected.
  8. Thankful for a new Grey’s Anatomy episode and no more political commercials to watch.
  9. Thankful for USAir frequent flyer miles and being able to fly to Florida for free on December 8, Jan 19 & Mar 12.
  10. Thankful for the bloggers that keep me entertained and motivated to run.
  11. Thankful for beautiful weather and scenic places in my area to bike.
  12. Thankful for my cleaning lady and that once a month, I have clean floors & bathrooms.
  13. Thankful for only needing a painless cleaning from my dentist.
  14. Thankful for working across the street from Starbucks and being able to run across for an afternoon pick me up.
  15. Thankful for free flu shots at work.
  16. Thankful for my Nov. Foodie Penpal and the delicious goodies that I received from her.
  17. Thankful for my BFF Judy who has been my source of calm and advice for over 35 years.
  18. Thankful for being able to run ONE mile (pain-free.)
  19. Thankful for those who have been graciously subbing for me each week in my Monday tennis contract.
  20. Thankful for the exercise bike & wifi at work so I can exercise & keep up the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice & Nashville on my iPad.
  21. Thankful for my hairdresser and hair dye – both which keep me looking young(er).
  22. Thankful for the excuse to eat stuffing and pumpkin pie with a view & the company of my hubby.
  23. Thankful for a Friday off from work. Time to catch up on laundry, shopping & decorating for the holdiays (EARLY!)
  24. Thankful for UVA gel and now beautiful nails for the next month.
  25. Thankful for the junk food and left overs from hosting mah jongg (we never have junk food at my house.)
  26. Thankful for DVRs – now I can watch Sunday night’s Revenge & The Good Wife.
  27. Thankful for our anti-Thanksgiving lunch at work esp the Oreo Cheesecake Truffles.
  28. Thankful for hospitals, doctors, nurses and that soon, I will hopefully be playing tennis and racing again.
  29. Thankful for my hubby and that we can put up with each other’s ups and downs.
  30. Thankful for our annual work Christmas party…lots of food & drink and the opportunity to dress up.

knitting socks

playing mah jongg

me & my tennis friends at a restaurant

me & my Lake George friends

The Corning Bike Path (on the Hudson R.)

Dark Chocolate bar from my Foodie Pen Pal

BOGO for 3 days!

Thanksgiving with a view & my hubby

oreo cheesecake truffles

Happy Running!  Did you participate in Thankful November?  What were you most thankful for?

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