Komen Race for the Cure Race Report

This my 5th time running this 5K race. My times have been:  32:49, 31:15: 29:10 and 29:49.

But really, who cares?  It is such an emotional race.  Everyone there knows someone who has had or died from breast cancer.  Many are survivors themselves.

the official tee shirt

I feel foolish worrying about my foot.  Tendonitis is not life threatening.  I am fortunate to be healthy.

The weather was pretty dreary when I left my house.  Being on a team, I had to wear the team heavy cotton tee shirt (ugh!).

this is the back – it is blue with pink lettering

I parked my car at work (to avoid the crowds) and walked the mile to where the race began.  After resting my foot since Tuesday, it felt pretty good – not 100% but hopefully it would not get worse.

But as I walked, my foot started to hurt…not a good sign.  It also got warmer and even the sun was peeking out.

I got there early to meet my friend, MaryPat and her niece Courtney.

before the race

We then headed out to the start. I moved to the front (out from under the overpass) trying to get a signal on my Garmin. It took a long time and finally got one seconds before the race started.

I have run this same course 9x. It starts uphill and ends downhill with many inclines around and through the park.

I felt uncomfortable from the start.  I was hot.  My foot was hurting.  But I just kept going.

In fact, I didn’t stop at all.  Not even for water.  This is the first 5k since returning from my ankle injury that I didn’t stop.

I wanted to.  My ankle hurt.  My good foot hurt more.  I saw a friend that I used to work with who has CF and is in and out of the hospital.  She cheered me on in the park twice.  So I kept running.  I ran for her in hope that she will find a match for a lung transplant.

Finally I saw the finish line and I had little left.  I crossed around 30:50 or so.  Not bad considering…

my splits

I waited for my friends to cross.  I didn’t get their pics but got one of someone else from my team.

someone from the AHN team (in blue) heading to the finish line

This is the first race that I have run injured.  It is the first race that I regret running.  After the race, I could barely walk and I had to limp over a mile to my car…ugh!  (The only good thing was that it didn’t start raining until I got to my car.)

Ice and ibuprofen have helped and I feel better but am still bummed about being injured!!!

finished 654 out of 1496 and 12th in my AG

Happy Running! Good luck to all those racing this weekend!  Anyone else stupidly run a race while injured?

8 thoughts on “Komen Race for the Cure Race Report

  1. Take care. That doesn’t sound good. I went by Schroon Lake twice this weekend and I think today I was very close to your friend’s camp before I got on the interstate.


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