ClipE Review & Some Running

mine is Black

I almost always run with my iPod (except when I’m on the treadmill) so I agreed to review ClipE when I received an e-mail offering to send me one to try out.
According the website:
ClipE is a small and simple solution for managing headphone cords in a stylish way. The design, mechanics and ergonomics were the brainchild of an avid runner and professional pilot, Jess Bylsma. Just like pilot’s headsets have a clip on them to keep cords away from the flight controls and switches, Jess saw the need for a similar concept for runner and athletes. After exploring all options in the market that didn’t quite meet the practicality and aesthetic requirements, Jess took matters into her own hands and designed the ClipE.
I was planning to run before work yesterday but the rain deterred me.  Today I had no excuse.  I was anxious to continue testing my injured heel as well as the ClipE.
I personally do not find that my headphone cords get in my way when I run.  I sometimes find that they are too long but the ClipE wouldn’t help with that.  I think it’s because I hate armbands and I put my iPod in a pocket or clip it to my waistband.
Anyway, I put the cords through the ClipE.  I did want to wrinkle my tech shirt but I clipped it to my shirt as shown on the package anyway.  I had a little trouble getting the cords to stay in when I tried to clip it but I finally figured it out. 
The ClipE stayed in place throughout my whole run. 
I ran 3 miles with a 1/4 mi walk before & after.  My heel didn’t hurt!!  It stills feels tight & achy but no pain… I am not running fast but once the fear factor of a re-occurrance wanes, I’ll try to pick up the pace. 
My PT guy feels that I need at least 5 more sessions but he says I can run but not 2 days in a row and not more than 3 miles at a time…
 Back to my recommendation on ClipE:
 It’s light, stays put and if your headphone cords get in your way when you run, this is a perfect solution for you!
 Disclaimer:  I was sent this free of charge.  The opinions of my review are mine and mine alone.
Happy Running!

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