I haven’t entered a blog giveaway in a long time but I thought Molly’s at I’m a Sleeper Baker was worthwhile.  She will be running the NYC Marathon and is raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. What a great cause!

So I donated and I won!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to pick 2 from this list:

  • cheeta print skirt trimmed with aqua, in size 2 (fits a size 4/6) , from Running Skirts! – Love this skirt but not sure if it would be too small….but if I lose weight…
  • FromTommie Copper, a pair copper infused compression sleeves to address a natural solution for pain – probably need these but have my running skirt heart compression socks
  • One large runner girl charm necklace from Lift Your Sole – already have this but know a few runners who I could give it to
  • An Ultra Pocket Hat from Gone For A Run – not sure I want to put things in my cap but maybe I could try..
  • A GU Performance Energy sampler, along with a Gel Bot. – love GU but currently not running long but hope to be sometime soon…
  • Two pairs of Wrightsocks, one set in size large, one set in size medium – love socks!! but I wear a small but could give these to someone else..
  • Two Fitness Towels from Inperspire – these have very cool sayings…
  • A Sweaty Band – heard these are great 

So difficult to choose!!!!!!!


Good Luck on your TRI this weekend and in your marathon training!

Happy Running!




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