TTT: My Weekend, My Injury & My Weight

  1. 6 weekends in a row, it has been sunny and we have gone boating on Lake George. 

    enjoying my first lake swim

         Am I greedy to want another sunny weekend?  I have a 3-day weekend.   The weekend forecast doesn’t look good 😦 

           This weekend is also our annual tennis  gathering on Schroon River.

2.  Today is my next to last PT appointment.  It’s with my favorite PT guy #1.  Since I last went to PT on Monday, I have:

  • run 2.5 miles plus .5 mile walk on Tues
  • played 1 hour of tennis (doubles) on Tues
  • 1.5 hours of yoga on Wed
  • walked 1 mile at lunch today

It seems to be getting better but not fast enough for me!  I hope to run again tomorrow and gradually increase over the weekend…(if I have no pain!)

3.    I am FAT!!   No, not obese… but since I have not been running or playing tennis, I have gained weight!!!! I say it’s the lack of physical activity.  But it could be the frequency of rootbeer floats I have consumed this summer.

I have always been very thin.  Underweight as a kid.  I have never had to diet.  I don’t even know how.  I love my carbs & desserts!!! It’s never been a problem but I think it’s also an age thing!!!

me in college many moons ago

As you get older, your metabolism slows down!!!!  If you eat the same way as you did 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, you will gain weight and even if you don’t gain lbs, you gain inches…in all the wrong places.

Mine is in my waist, stomach & butt… I haven’t gained a huge amount of weight …maybe 8 lbs but it’s a lot for me!!!!!

I HATE IT!!!!!

recently - the dress covers it all!

So what’s the plan?  Of course, run and play tennis.  Continue yoga, walk at lunch…switch from chocolate poptarts to vanilla (90 calories less), cut out the ice cream (well, most of it), drink more water, eat more salads…

Happy Running! Any diet tips for the “old” lady?

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