Brain Exchange #22 and Monday Goals

This week’s question: Tell readers about your 2010 Best and Worst races.  What made them so great or not so great?


Best race(s)- There are several.  My Thankgiving Turkey Trot was one because it was a 5k PR – 27:12 and it was so unexpected!! Another favorite was the Freihofer Race for Women because I was part of a group of 1st time racers and it was so exciting to train with them and see them do the race. I also enjoyed the Silks & Satins 5K because I met fellow bloggert, AJH. Of course, I loved winning lst place in my age group at the Veteran’s Day 5k. Lastly, the Home Run 5k because I met Mary who I’ve raced with several times since and has become my biggest fan & she mine.

Worst race(s) – Of course, there was the Great Pumpkin 10K that didn’t happen because I got sick & ended up in the ER. It was going to be my first long distance race. Most of my races have been good experiences in some way, even if I didn’t do my best.

Recap of  last week:

My weekly goal was 21 miles. I did   21 miles! Yay!
I ran 10 miles which is my longest EVER!
I am hosting my first GIVEAWAY!!

This week’s schedule:
Mon – lights in the park w/A & R
Tues – tennis
Wed – b-day dinner w/bf
Thurs – hair appt
Fri  –mah jongg
Sat – R’s b-day party

This week’s running:
Mon– 3 miles before work
Wed – 3 miles before work
Thurs – 4 miles before work
Sat– 5K race (5pm)
Sun – 9 miles

Weekly Running Goal = 22 miles
December Monthly Running Goal = 70 miles, a 5k race, half marathon training schedule

Yearly Running Goal = 300 miles ( I passed it, New Goal is 600 and I passed it too!!!!)

Happy Running!

4 thoughts on “Brain Exchange #22 and Monday Goals

  1. I have raced the Polar Cap for I think the last 3 years. Will you be there this year? I think my next race will be First Run in Burlington.
    Thanks for the nice mention in your post!


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