8th Annual Literacy Run

 The last race I was in (just 2 weeks ago), it was  cloudy, 40 degrees & windy.  Today, the weather was similar to Florida – sunny, 80’s and humid!!!! A coincidence that I was just there!

This was a new race for me.  It was a new course for everyone. There were about 300 runners/walkers. I got there a little early.  I got my chip & number but they gave out the t-shirts at the end.  Good idea! I didn’t have to run back to put it in my car. There was no food or water.  Good thing I ate breakfast & brought my own water.

I bumped into a Amanda, a local runner/blogger.  She has been sick so I was surprised that she was running.  I also met Rosella, who was my mentor in the No Boundaries program 2 years ago.  She asked me to run with her group but I declined thinking that their pace would be too fast.

I tried to line up near the start but they asked those under 6 min mile to be in front, then 7, 8, etc.  My one mile time is around 10 minutes so I moved back.  Then I moved up but not as far as I should have.  Hence not an accurate finish time.

As I mentioned, it was HOT and HUMID!! There was not a bit of shade and to make matters worse, the course was hilly.  Not bad  hills but too many of them.

I tried to start at a slow pace.  I ran until the water stop at around 1.5 miles.  Every time we did a loop, I saw Rosella who was BEHIND me (imagine that?) and she yelled GOOD JOB!  That made me feel great!! 

I stopped to walk again around 2 miles and then during the 3rd mile, the heat was getting to me.  I thought I was going to throw up.  I think I stopped to walk once or twice more and willed myself to finish strong!!!! I crossed the finish line at 30:45.

(Story in the Troy Record – click here to read.)

I wish I had had the stamina to not walk at all.  I usually don’t walk at all. I’ll chalk it up to the heat and too much fun on vacation (and not enough training)!

They gave out t-shirts after the race.  I wouldn’t recommend this race for its refreshments.  They gave you a bottle of water and an orange slice!

I hung around to see if my time was good enough to win a prize.   NOPE! I came in 4th in my age group and they gave out prizes for the top 3 😦

I'm 56 for one more week.

My hubby & I went out to lunch and then to see Lord of the Dance.  It was spectacular!  We’ve seen it many times but we enjoyed it as much as the first time.

My next race is Sunday – Mother’s Day and my birthday!!!

Happy Running!

3 thoughts on “8th Annual Literacy Run

  1. The temperatures at your last two races sound just like mine! Odd huh! The heat really was incredible today esp. after the snow! Good job racing in it anyways! The refreshments sound terrible and there I was at mine scarfing down cake!


  2. It was very warm – quite a difference from your last race. Good job with the time! You never know what the heat will do when you don’t have time to acclimate to it.


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