My Birthday & Mother’s Day 3.5 Mile Race

This was my 3rd year for this race. (Does that mean veteran runner status?) I am also a blogger and have blogger friends running in this race (Amanda & Felice) so I was looking forward to this race.  Last Sunday it was  in the 80’s and humid & I complained.  Today I woke up to high winds and 40 degrees!!

My hubby offered to drop me off at the race but I told him to go visit his mother instead.  Why should both of us have to be outside in the wind & cold and it’s Mother’s Day!!!

It was difficult to choose what to wear.  I decided to keep with the pink theme and tried to be warm but not overdress. I brought gloves, wore a turtleneck, fleece vest, tights under my shorts since the wind made it feel even colder than it was.

This race usually gives good gifts – This year it was a beach bag. When I arrived, I immediately saw my bloggy friends and we posed for a photo.

Felice, Amanda & me before the race.

The race was not chip timed. We took off together not too far from the front. Felice, pregnant but still speedy, ran off ahead and finished with a great time! I tried to keep Amanda in my sight.  I knew she was faster but I wanted a good time.  I remembered to charge my iPod but forgot to put the transmitter back in.  As a result, although the course was marked at 1 mile, 2 miles & 3 miles, I no idea what my pace was. I only stopped briefly for water & for a photo (see below).  The sun poked through the clouds several times which made me warm, otherwise it was very WINDY!!!!

I think I was near mile 3 marker...

Felice finished way ahead and was waiting at the finish for us. Amanda did well  too and in fact, she did 3.5 miles as fast as she did 5K last Sunday when it was 40 degrees warmer!!  I crossed the finish line at 33:08!! A PR for this race by over 4 1/2 minutes!! YAY!!!

Felice, Amanda & me after the race

After they posted our times and saw that we did not win any awards, we headed home. (Actually Amanda did come in 3rd)

I quickly got ready to head up to Bolton Landing to celebrate my birthday at my favorite restaurant on Lake George – the Algonquin. Some of our Lake George friends met us there.  It was perfect!

me & hubby at our lakeside (indoor) table


Happy Running and Happy Mother’s Day!

10 thoughts on “My Birthday & Mother’s Day 3.5 Mile Race

    • If you looking for a race around here – this 5k in Saratoga is fun – it’s on July 24 & called Silks & Satins – “Opening weekend of the Saratoga Racing season- Enjoy this fantastic race in a beautiful Saratoga neighborhood along side of the track. See the horses warming up while you stretch out. Fast and flat course. Amazing breakfast for runners provided by Price Chopper!”


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