FFF: Tips for Summer Running

Summer is coming soon. There have even been days already that felt like summer.

Here are some of MY personal tips to enjoy running:

1. Stop complaining and posting about the temps and humidity.

Ok, I do it too.  (But I will try not to…)

If the heat bothers you:

  • Don’t run.
  • Run earlier or later in the day.
  • Run indoors.
  • Run slower.
  • Run fewer miles.

victory for running in only a tank and skirt

2.Wear Compression Calf Sleeves.

I know it sounds crazy but it is so buggy in the summer. Besides protecting your legs from injury, it will help ward off ticks and mosquitoes.  With spring rain, the bugs can be insane.

the ice cream helped as well as the socks lol

3. Wear a Baseball Cap.

It keeps you cool (if you have thick hair like me).  It shields your face from the sun and most importantly, it protects your scalp from the sun. Most runners neglect to put sunscreen on their head and a visor will do zero for you there.

Image result for cap run hair don't care

4. Plan your Hydration.

That doesn’t mean that you have to carry water. I don’t usually.

I mean, how much can you really carry during a hot weather run, anyway?  An everyday runner does not have to purchase a hydration vest.

an old pic (I lost that water bottle 😦 )

But you need to drink even if you think that you are not a heavy sweater.

I usually plant water somewhere on my route or loop my runs so I pass my car (where I have water).  I have even stopped a local convenience store during my run and bought a bottle of water.

Or you can buy a skirt or shorts that can hold a small water bottle or two.

5. Sign up for Races.

You knew this one was coming.

The adrenaline of the race will make you forget about the heat.  There will be water stops along the course and maybe even watermelon or ice cream at the end of the race.

Ok not as comfortable as sitting in your air-conditioned home or floating around a pool but better for you and much more fun.

at one of my favorite summer 5ks

Happy Running! Any other tips for enjoying the summer run?  Please share.






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14 thoughts on “FFF: Tips for Summer Running

  1. Everyone here in NC complains when it’s too hot and humid in the summer and too cold in the winter. I try not to complain and make the best of it. For us, most races cease after mid-June because it truly does get too hot to safely hold races, so unfortunately that’s not an option for me unless I travel to a race.
    I’ve found putting some ice in my sports bra or under a cap helps!

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  2. Yes, these are great tips. Starting with not complaining! Everyone in Florida complains about the heat in the summer (I know, I do too) and it’s so silly- don’t live here then! You KNOW it’s going to be hot!
    Carrying water or planning water stops is really important. I have a hydration vest that I love and it helps a lot.

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  3. Great tips. Difficult to stop complaining but I’ll try!
    Of course I run earlier, I wear compression socks (but not during races); I don’t wear cap, I sign up for races and, for my workouts, I choose routes with fountains.

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