FFF: The Benefit of Shoe Insoles

When I first started running, I went to Fleet Feet and bought shoes that they recommended. They also told me that I needed to buy insoles.  As a new runner, I did what I was told.  I didn’t want to ruin my feet.

As I proceeded to order shoes though the years, I moved my pink Super Feet insoles to the new shoes. I even replaced the insoles.

Once I switched to Topos because they have a wider toe box, my insoles didn’t fit right so I just used the existing insoles. And I have continued to buy Topos and not replace the insoles with more expensive ones.

Until recently.

One of my running friends was suffering from PF and bought insoles which she said helped greatly.

That got me thinking about my neuroma.  It doesn’t hurt most of the time but by the end of a long race I can still feel it.

And I so I put insoles in my shoes…

The verdict is still out but my foot did not hurt during my last half marathon (but it could have been numb from the cold. LOL)

5 Benefits of wearing Insoles:

1. Reduce strain on and stabilize your feet (and ankle).

2. Experience relief from foot, heel and arch pain, including pain from plantar fasciitis and neuromas.

3. Energize your runs by providing comfort and support to your feet.

4. Improve overall gait and pronation.

5. Help prevent common running related issues.

5 Insoles recommended for runners:

1.Super Feet

“Clinically proven to increase comfort, minimize repetitive stress and prevent injuries, the proprietary Superfeet shape cradles your heels and hugs your arches to deliver just the right amount of targeted support…”

They come in different colors depending your arch type and if you use them for comfort or pain relief. (cost~$50)

2. CURREX RunPRO Insole

“These insoles use a deep heel cup, dynamic arch support and high-rebound cushioning to keep your feet feeling fresh, mile after mile…”

There are three different arch profiles to choose from (Low, Medium, and High) (Cost~$50)

3.Powerstep PULSE Maxx Insoles

Powerstep Insoles, PULSE Maxx, Over-Pronation Corrective Insole, Running Shoe Insert, Sports Orthotic For Women and Men

“These insoles have a firm but flexible shell with built-in arch support and a heel cradle to keep your feet secure and supported while you take an evening stroll or train for your next 5k…” (cost=$50)

4. Sole Active Insoles

Unlike other insoles that have a relatively quick break-in period, the SOLE Active insoles have a roughly 3 day break-in period (per their published data).  Cost ~ $55

SOLE Active Insoles

5. Cadence Insoles

Cadence Insoles

These Insoles are designed by a Physical Therapist, with the goal of providing semi-rigid orthotic support while also providing shock absorption. (cost~$45)

5 more things to consider re: insoles:

1.Google Insoles for runners and you will find so many options. There are cheaper ones than the ones listed above but you get what you pay for, right?

‘2.Talk to your podiatrist for recommendations. You may need custom orthotics and your insurance may cover the cost.

3.You should break in new running shoes before adding insoles.

4.Insoles are not a miracle cure for a an injury. See a doctor first…

5.Lastly, while your foot mechanics are important in running so are posture, cadence, and stride length, etc.

 Happy Running! Do you use insoles in your running shoes?  If so, which ones? Please share.







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