Weekly Run Down for 11.27.22-12.4.22: NYC Bound

Back to my favorite city to run a race and to get in the holiday spirit…

Last Week:

  • Sunday – The rain held off so I could go on a hike.

First one was along a creek, a wooden walkway with lots of painted rocks.

My 2nd hike got cut short due to rain but I able to do a big loop and catch scenic views of the Hudson R.

It stopped raining so I headed to my 3rd and final destination.

It rained the rest of day so I spent it cooking up a storm (beef vegetable soup, turkey squash chili, meatloaf..)

  • Monday – Day off (every other Monday and I’m loving it). Until the weather gets bad, I plan to hike with a running friend or two. Today we headed to Great Barrington, MA.  The first hike was a one mile loop

A short distance away was a park and we hiked two miles there.

The we ate a delicious lunch … and had to walk two more miles around town (to burn off some of the calories.)

#Nevermissamonday… it was so windy in the morning that I changed my mind and hoped to get in my run when I got home from hiking…. Nope, zero mojo.

  • Tuesday – No excuse today… Drove into town and got my run done at lunch…

putting up the Xmas tree in town

  • Wednesday –  It was forcast to be windy and start to rain at 10am and continue for the rest of the day.

So I was forced to do my run before work…

starting to see Xmas decorations but most are the blow up kind that you see only at night… cold running into the wind and warm with it at my back and it began to rain before I was done 😦

because after work, I attended a book talk with my BFF. (Any Little House on the Prairie fans?)

It was sooo good! She told a lot of funny stories from her past and talked about leaving LA and moving to a cabin in Catskill, NY. Upstate NY…

  • Thursday – Last run before the big race…

I had to go to the office for a bit so I ran at UAlbany

took a different route around campus hoping to avoid the wind

And then after work, I met my former co-worker/walking buddy (whom I haven’t seen in awhile) for a walk.

  • Friday – I took an early train to Manhattan, checked into my hotel, had lunch and then went to get my race packet for the race the next day.

not an exciting shirt but it is comfy

On my walk back to the hotel, I was able to see some of the amazing holiday decorations.

On my bucket list has been to see the holiday lights at Dyker Heights in Brooklyn so I had booked a walking there.

unreal is all I can say…

I hopped the subway, met the group and spent almost 2 hours viewing the lights.

I had pizza before heading back by subway to Manhattan.

Once back in Manhattan I strolled around as much as I could to see more decorations.

So much for resting the legs the day before a race. LOL (12 miles walked!!)

Back at the hotel, I tried to figure out what to wear for the race the next day.

wound up changing my mind as it was wetter and warmer than I thought

  • SaturdayTed Corbitt 15k Race.

An early morning Uber to the start, then ran 9.4 miles on the hills of Central Park in the POURING RAIN. Cari and I couldn’t connect until after the race.

Cold and wet, I walked and then hopped a subway to check out of my hotel.

I had lunch and then took an earlier train than planned.  An ugly weather day.  So glad I did so much the day before.

I also checked off all the things I wanted to eat or drink while in NYC.

chocolate egg cream, black n white cookie, latte at the Refinery, bagels & lox, Brooklyn pizza

  • Sunday – A little tired from my NYC adventures but I’m sure I get out in the fresh air for a short hike.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday –  run
  • Tuesday – rest day, book talk (John Gray)
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – rest day, dinner with friends
  • Friday –  run, mah jongg
  • Saturday – walk, running group party
  • Sunday –  HMRRC Winter Series #1 (3M) + more miles

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Troy Turkey Trot 10K Race Recap
  • Friday – Four (or Five) Somethings for September-November 

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races run or planned? Ever been to NYC during the holidays?  Please share.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 11.27.22-12.4.22: NYC Bound

  1. Wow, you sure packed a lot in during your weekend in NYC! Great job on the race! And I love all those Christmas decorations.

    I’m a fan of LHOTHP–the books, not the show so much. It would have been interesting to meet Melissa Gilbert, but I would much rather have met Laura Ingalls Wilder, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, that trip to NYC must have put you in the holiday spirit! Bummer that it rained for your race- but it sounds like you managed to do everything you had planned.
    I used to love the Little House TV show- it must have been fun to hear Melissa Gilbert speak!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a bummer on the weather for your race! A big UGH. But, you got to see so much grandeur in NYC…and it’s a great thing you got that all done the day prior. I loved the Little House books when I was a kid! I still have my set…somewhere. I should look for those; they’d be fun to read again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Big bummer especially when you travel to a race but at least it was combined with a wonderful sightseeing day before.

      I thought the same about re-reading or re-watching the series.


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