TT: Using Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse - Apps on Google Play

My TT topic for today is: Using Virgin Pulse

This tool has been provided to me free where I’ve worked for the past 6+ years.

Believe it not, most people do not use it.

Many of you probably have never even heard of this program.

According to the website: 6,000+ organizations (over one million people), including 25% of the Global Fortune 500, in 190 countries and territories use Virgin Pulse.

What is it?

An online platform offered to employees to foster good health. In their words: “to engage and activate populations to change lives for good.”

Here are some more details on how Virgin Pulse works:

  • You Read Two Health Tips each day.
  • You Track at least Three Healthy Activities each day. You can track more than three and you can customize the activities that appear.
  • You can participate in Challenges or Create your own.

  • You can Track your Steps.

It syncs with a device you wear that tracks your steps.

  • You have Access to Resources.
  • You can Make Friends/Join Groups

  • You will Earn Money.

Everything you do (as listed above) earns you points.

At the end of each quarter, you earn $100!!

Yup, that $400 each year!!

And you can set it up so it deposits into your bank account.

Happy Running! Do you use Virgin Pulse or some other type of tracking system?  Would you if it were offered where you work? Please share.


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28 thoughts on “TT: Using Virgin Pulse

  1. Oh, this is cool!
    I have never heard of Virgin Pulse. Going by the logo, it’s connected to the Virgin Group.
    How is the money generated that is paid out to the users?

    In any case, it’s a great tool to keep people moving. I’ve heard of programs that are supported by health insurance. You can earn points and that will decrease your premium. Also a good idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have no idea where the money comes from but it’s a no-brainer not to participate.

      I’m not doing anything extra (except logging in daily) and I earn $$.


  2. I have not heard of Virgin Pulse, but it looks like a great platform for fitness and well-being. Add in the money incentives, and it offers a way to be rewarded for your fitness efforts 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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