FFF: 2022 Goals Update

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At the end of 2020, I set 15 goals for 2021. In 2022, I decided that it would be cool to keep those 15 and add 7 more. So 22 for ’22.

At the mid-year point, I posted an update. Read it here.

As you may have read, I had already met most of my goals and have continued to do so:

Run at least 3 miles twice during the week. I usually run 3x a week and the runs are usually 3 miles.

✓  Go for a walk or hike on non-running days. YES!!

✓  Run long on the weekend. I run at least 8 miles.

✓  Continue to connect with friends on runs, walks and hikes. Yup!

✓  Sign up for in-person races. I’ve registered for 32 races so far.

✓ Go on a race-cation in February. I went to Florida.

✓  Plan a race-cation for the Fall. Done! Maine.

✓  Continue to blog at least once or twice a week. I blog 3x each week – Tues, Fri, Sun.

✓ Run 1000 miles for the year. I’m am ON track.

✓ Stay healthy!!!!! So far… knock on wood I’ve had ZERO sick days.

✓ Run a Sub 2:27 Half Marathon. 5 out of 6 of my half marathons have faster finish times.

✓ Volunteer at two or more races. I signed up for 2nd volunteer stint on Oct. 9.

✓ Run a NEW race. I’ve raced 3 already plus 4 more are planned.

✓ Run at least 22 races. I’ve raced 24 already….

thumbs UP for the 2022 goals…

Of course, there are those outstanding ones:

X Go to my gym (when it opens) once a week. It never opened. Sad about that! In fact, it looks permanently closed.

X Do some speed work to prepare for shorter races. Nope. I do want to run a few times on the track and may do that once I can run after work (with cooler temps.)

X Add some strength training somewhere somehow.  I did use machines at the YMCA during my 3 month trial membership.  Still minimally…. Zero Peloton workouts.

at least my mornings are free to run or I can sleep longer

X Once I start traveling again for work, run in NYC (for the sunsets and friend connections). I will no longer be going to NYC for work (unless I sub which I did twice this summer.)

hope to return (not for work) to run w/Cari in Oct.

X Complete more challenging hikes. I am hiking with running friends and I’ve enjoyed their companionship. I’ve decided that is more important than climbing mountains and fire towers

X Return to mentoring in the STEM program. A few of the mentors due the lack of organization in the spring have decided not to mentor this fall. I am not, as well.

it started with good intentions but the participants were not serious about running

X Buy less and Donate more. I’m still a sucker for running shoes and Skirtsports (on sale).

X Run a trail race. Nope. So far, it’s not something I’d enjoy. I’m not confident enough to race it and why pay $$ when I can walk/hike them for free. I’m not saying never but I need to practice running on technical ones before I sign up for a race.

happy to do easy scenic hikes rather than race

Happy Running!  Did you set goals for 2022?  How are you doing?  Did you already meet some of the goals? Are there ones that you are struggling with? Pease share.







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17 thoughts on “FFF: 2022 Goals Update

    • That’s a great question. I think I’d like to get on the bike. And maybe a few other things. Like hill training. Lol.

      I think you’re right. Some of what I haven’t done doesn’t seem logical anymore.


  1. Wow, a couple things stand out here- you’ve run 24 races so far this year and had ZERO sick days. “Consistency” is your middle name, for sure! I agree with Shathiso- most of the goals you haven’t achieved don’t make sense anymore. I think it’s always that way when you set yearly goals- a year is a long time and you don’t know what will happen. Anyway, amazing job overall on your 22 for 22!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I normally do not set goals. I started during the Pandemic. I think that’s why I don’t. Who knows what changes a year will bring. I do not even set monthly goals. I just try to be consistent with running and even blogging. It’s so easy to get off track.


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