FFF: What I’m Loving Lately

What I'm loving lately

It’s been awhile so here are a few of my latest loves:


I love to read but lately, I’ve been reading more than usual.  Boating could be the reason OR that I can’t sleep.  LOL

I enjoyed The Paris Wife and so I decided to read this one about Martha Gellhorn and her tumultuous relationship/marriage with Ernest Hemingway.  Just as good IMO.

Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

I just finished this fast read murder mystery. I’ve read many of her previous books (The Women in Cabin10)

The It Girl

Now I’m reading this fun book.  I think Wendy recommended it.

52320705. sy475


I know I should learn to run on them and I did for a time…

But my races are on the road so I prepare for them by running on the road.

Then weekly (on Thursdays), I join my running friends to walk the trails (and then have ice cream.)


It’s great that the ones at Trader Joe’s are affordable and last a long time… And even sunflowers when they are in season!!


There was time when I ate salads all the time for lunch and then I got sick of them.  Now that my friend supplies me with loads of home grown tomatoes, I’m back at it.

A close up horizontal image of a selection of tomatoes set on the countertop to ripen. Fruits are at various stages, some still green and others almost red.

In addition to tomatoes, I add cranberries, lettuce, mandarin oranges… to my salad.

5. OUI Yogurt

I had tried this (because it’s “French”) and wasn’t a fan.  I was on the NOOSA bandwagon at the time.

Oui Pumpkin Caramel French Style Yogurt - 5 Oz

Maple… pumpkin caramel… vanilla cookie… oh so goood!!

Healthy?  Who cares?

Happy Running! What are you loving lately? Please share.







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16 thoughts on “FFF: What I’m Loving Lately

  1. That’s funny because I also wrote about books today (I didn’t link my post because it’s not even remotely fitness related.). If you’re happy walking the trails, there’s not reason you have to learn to run them- I always fall when I run on trails these days.
    I’m envious of your home grown tomatoes- the tomatoes we get in the store here are awful! I can hardly remember what a good tomato tastes like.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Trader Joe’s fresh flowers too. They last so much longer than anywhere else I buy flowers from and they’re affordable. The ones here donate any flowers that don’t sell once a week to groups that take them to places like hospitals or retirement homes. I worked with one of those groups once and we arranged the flowers and put them into vases then dropped them off at a hospital. It’s a nice thing TJ’s does (and the volunteer groups that work with them).

    Liked by 1 person

    • trail running is scary for me. But I love being out in nature. Neighborhood runs are often boring.

      I need to refresh my flowers. Thanks for the reminder.


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