What Happened from Ages 60-64?

I borrowed this idea from Judy and Donna who recently turned 60 and 50, respectively.

But I am only discussing the first 5 years and then next year when I actually reach my decade year, I’ll talk about the last 5 years.

Most of you runners are younger than I am. So I hope I can be inspiration for you as you grow older and continue to run..

Age 60 (May 2013)

This year included a broken foot which kept me out of running for awhile…

good thing I kept those critches

But it also included some fun vacations and running experiences.

  • In October, I ran our local half marathon (the only one at that time) with friends.

we called ourselves “Strong Running Mamas”

  • In January, I went to visit a running friend to had moved to Palm Springs, CA.

We ran a 10 mile race together

  • In March, the hubby and I travelled to Florida to visit boating friends who had moved to Flagler Beach.

I ran a 5k in St Augustine

  • At the end of March, I visited Philadelphia with a new group of running friends.

We ran the Love Run Half Marathon in the pouring rain

Age 61 (May 2014)

  • In June, I ran my first Adirondack Distance Run (10 hilly miles from Lake George Village to our marina)

the hubby and boating friends met me at the finish line

  • That October, I visited a college friend who now lives in New Jersey.

and then ran the Perfect Ten Miler (still my 10m. PR)

  • At Thanksgiving, I ran my first Troy Turkey Trot, (he most popular local Thanksgiving race.)

it still remains my 10k PR

  • In January, I visited friends who lived on the East coast of Florida for the first time. Of course, the vacation included a race.

  • In March, I returned to Palm Springs (but missed the race due to a cancelled flight).  Instead Mary and I  just ran together in the desert on the beautiful trails…

  • In April, I was one of a small group of bloggers named as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain. So from this moment on, you’d only see me wearing Skirt Sports skirts (and all year round.) Yes, they’re comfortable but more importantly, I met some awesome runners  because of my connection with this product.

Elizabeth in NYC (2/18)

  • Also in April, I again visited my college friend in NJ.

before the Asbury Park Half Marathon

Age 62 (May 2015)

  • I finally ran a race on my actual birthday.

  • At the end of the month, I shared a marathon with a blogger friend from VT.

I ran the first half

  • In June of that year, I ran the first annual Walkway Half Marathon (over the longest pedestrian bridge).

  • In October, I ran my first Rock N Roll race.

  • The day before the NYC Marathon, I ran a 5k.

  • In December, I continued my winter East coast trips to Florida.

ran a half and got champagne at the end 🙂

  • Then in February, I visited friends on the West coat of Florida and ran a half marathon in Sarasota.

yes, it was cold!!

Age 63 – May 2016

  • In May, I ran the first 5k dedicated to a runner who died from a drug overdose (who ran with STEM, a group of domestic violence survivors).

first annual Summer Smith Memorial 5k

  • At the end of the month, I ran the 2nd half of the Vermont City Marathon (that got cancelled while I was running it due to heat.)

again with Andrea

  • In June, I took a Running Tour in NYC with Judy.

  • In August, I raced a train (and didn’t beat it. LOL)

  • In November, I ran the Dash to the Finish 5k in NYC for the 2nd time but this time, with my Russian friend Anna (and her 2 friends.)

  • In December, I ran a half marathon with fellow bloggers.

in Panama City Beach, FL

  • In April, I ran my first half marathon in Central Park, NYC.

  • In May during my annual tennis vacation, I ran a 5k there for the first time..

in Naples, FL

Age 64 – May 2017

  • In May, I ran the Steel Rail Half Marathon in MA for first time and it still remains my half marathon PR.

  • In July, I ran my first of many evening 5ks in Brooklyn, NY.

  • In October, I participated in the first race-cation for a newly formed running group (now called “Sole Sisters”)

Most of us  have continued our race-cations annually

  • In November, I travelled to Vegas for another blogger meet-up.

Age 65 – May 2018

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait to hear about the next 5 years.


As you may have noticed, since this is labelled as a “running” blog, I chose not to include the other stuff in my life. Yes, there was family drama, deaths of family and friends, loss of pets, loss of a job. etc. My life is far from sunshine and roses.

Fortunately I discovered running (and racing) and it has brought a lot of joy to my life (as mentioned above).

Happy Running!  Do you have a milestone birthday coming up?  If so, what has been the “running” highlight of the last decade? Please share.







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26 thoughts on “What Happened from Ages 60-64?

  1. It’s great to look back!
    I’m 54 now, so still a few years away from a big birthday. My favourite running highlights are when I get to run with my husband and good friends.
    It’s like two parties all rolled into one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have definitely traveled a lot in the last years and visited many fun places!

    My milestone race was my 18 Islightly+) mile race. It seems a very long time ago now.

    I do enjoy looking back & seeing what I’ve done because you forget so much and it’s nice to be reminded of things.


    • Yes. Many memories and trips running has taken me. Not as much traveling in recent years or in future years. But I hope to race just as much or more as when I was younger.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You really had an adventurous decade! And that was only half of it. Yes, reading your blog definitely inspires me to do more- I always want to be running, but I need the motivation to travel more, do more races and see more people. Well, I’ll be seeing you in February!

    Liked by 1 person

    • More traveling in these 5 years than after. But still racing. Can’t wait for Feb. maybe they’ll be time for that trail. You must come do a NYC race someday


  4. Totally not surprised that you were super active from ages 60-64. I forgot that you broke your foot too – definitely not an easy injury to come back from but you’ve been able to run hundreds of races since then. You are totally an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You’ve done alot of great running in your 60s! I hope I can continue running for many more years. Next year I turn 40. When I turned 30 I ran a marathon on my birthday so I guess I should think about what to do this time!

    Liked by 1 person

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