Weekly Run Down: 5.22.22-5.29.22: Summer has arrived?


Big races on both Sundays!

Unfortunately the hottest day of the year so far was last Sunday and then it felt like Fall in the mornings?? By today, the warmer temps (and humidity returned.)

Last Week:

  • Sunday –  Race Day!  Steel Rail Half Marathon!!

Well, I didn’t die…

Hottest temps I’ve ever raced in.  With a 9:30 AM start, little shade, not enough water stops, it was tough.  But I just walked often and at least the course was beautiful

It wasn’t a PW and I even won my age group

  • Monday – A perfect morning for running. The thunderstorms from the previous day cooled things off.

I actually did not feel sore at all (with that finish time I shouldn’t have. lol) so I went to the gym.

doesn’t everyone wear their new race shirt right away?

It was also my FTC night.  I needed to go to TJ’s anyway so I went. I felt fine and took it easy. I am not really training for that race.  And I had a 10 miler coming up.

I twinned with another runner there… she had run the 8k.

  • Tuesday – Rest Day! Though I went to the gym again this morning though it was another perfect day for running…

and then I met a friend for a walk after work.

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you’ll understand how excited I was.  Yes I went to see the new movie tonight!! It was great!

  • Wednesday – After a late night, I skipped the gym this morning.

I had time at lunch to run so I did.

iris season!!

and then the STEM group run after work was schedule.  I’m glad I had decided to run and lunch and walk with STEM since due to a COVID outbreak, it was cancelled.

  • Thursday – Yup, it’s become a thing… starting the day at the gym.

When I came home, our power was out!!!

That meant I had to drive to the office to work.

I had planned to squeeze in a run at lunch. But there was not enough time since I was not working at home (can’t be dressed in running clothes lol)

The day ended on a good note. I went out to dinner with friends as a belated b-day celebration.

our friend Meg took the pic

We ate so much that we felt that we needed after dinner walk so we headed to the rail trail.

happy to re-unite with our favorite walking friend (he hangs out on the trail in the evening.

Power finally returned around 9 pm!!!

  • Friday – Rest Day. Power back on so I could work from home.

Instead of the gym but since rain was forecast for later, I went for a run.

holy humidity — felt like Florida

After work, before mah jongg, I picked my bib for Sunday’s race.

of course, I have my race outfit picked out…

  • Saturday – A rainy morning so I headed to the gym.

oops, forgot the timer lol

Then the rain stopped so I met my running friends on the rail trail.  They ran, I walked and we went out to brunch after.

only walked 4 miles but carb loaded anyway

and we beat the heavy rain!!

  • Sunday –  Race Day!  Miles on the Mohawk 10 Miler.  

And the temps were cooler than last Sunday but still warm and very humid.. It’s a popular local race and I’m sure I will have fun. Looking forward to seeing my friends and food/beer afterwards.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – DAY OFF –  HOLIDAY – gym, boating?
  • Tuesday – RUN before work
  • Wednesday – gym, STEM run, volunteer dinner
  • Thursday – ARE trail run
  • Friday – gym, rest day, volunteer at packet pick-up, mah jongg
  • Saturday Race Day – Freihofer Run for Women
  • Sunday –  rest day, boating?

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Steel Rail Half Marathon Race Recap
  • Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races run or planned? Are you enjoying summer temps yet? Have you seen the Downton Abbey movie? Please share.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: 5.22.22-5.29.22: Summer has arrived?

  1. Ugh on the power outage. Hopefully you didn’t have to empty out your fridge/freezer.

    That Steel Rail medal is really cool. Is that Elmo a painted rock?

    It is getting summery around here, but it’s still nice in the mornings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Luckily we have a generator but I didn’t want to depend on it when I am teaching online.

      I agree the mornings are still nice except not the two morning that I had a race!! Go figure!


  2. Congrats on another race! I’m glad that it cooled down a bit for you. We’ve been all over the place with our temperatures! Nice to see that you are still going to the gym.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s so crazy how we had super hot weather last weekend and then the temps automatically went back to “normal” on Monday.

    It looks like you had some fun meet-ups this week! Congrats on another race this weekend too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice job on getting to the gym so much! I’m still curious to know it you think it’s helping your running at all.
    I’m looking forward to the half race recap- although I’m pretty sure I know how you felt during that race. It’s been SO hot and steamy here! Hope your race today went well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Similar heat yesterday. Went just as poorly. But better than running alone.

      I guess by my race times it’s not helping. But I think my upper body is stronger. So there’s that.


  5. wow you had a busy week! You have quite the social life. I am also excited to see the Downton movie and top gun of course. congrats on both races!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So was the Steel race hotter than VCM? That was definitely a tough day for a race!

    Yesterday definitely wasn’t that humid, but it was quite warm — I guess it just felt good to run when you weren’t racing (plus the path I was on had plenty of shade, thankfully). It’s also really hard to acclimate to anything with the back & forth weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not sure if it was hotter but it started early. This did not. Fewer water stops too. Much smaller race.

      Rather be racing than running by myself. I enjoy the people and enthusiasm. But that’s me.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Yay for two races (with a busy week sandwiched in the middle, LOL). Our temps are back to summer (YAY!!!), and so is the humidity, but no complaints on my end. It beats winter’s ice and wind chill.

    Liked by 1 person

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