Weekly Run Down for 2.27.22-3.6.22: Down Time

Believe it not, I do not have a Half Marathon until April 16.  Yup, nada the whole month of March.

That doesn’t mean, there will not be long runs or races.  But the races will be of shorter distances. And the long runs may not be double digit ones.

That’s what I call “down time.”

Last Week:

  • Sunday – To recap things, today I ran a fun hilly half marathon in Central Park, NYC. It was cold, windy but the sun was shining and I shared the experience with fellow blogger, Cari, Almost didn’t mind the hills at all.

  • Monday – My legs felt great and I was tempted to #nevermissamonday but I was good and only went for a long walk.
  • Tuesday  – Back at it but only had time to run after work. I drove into town since I had errands to do afterward.

my lower back was achy from sitting at the computer for 8 hours but at least I got outside

  • Wednesday – Again I ran after work in town but ran in the opposite direction from the day before

felt a lot more peppy than the day before … less windy too…

  • Thursday – Decided to take a rest day because I had things to do after work (and may do a long run on Sunday rather than Saturday). And it was insanely windy!!
  • Friday – Normally today is my rest day but instead I was able to squeeze in a run in my neighborhood after work

love that the sunshine unfortunately the snowman has started to melt

And then, there was cleaning and hosting mahjongg at my house.

  • Saturday – Long Run Day! But I had signed up to Volunteer

(and promote the Freihofer 5k).

actually had a lot of fun.. connected with old friends (I used to teach at this school) and new friends and got a lot of women to sign up for the race

 I had thought of running early with a friend (but her son came down with COVID so that was no longer an option) or solo in the afternoon.

With rain but 60s forecast for Sunday, I decided to hold off one day. Besides there’s always lots to do when you work all week.  .

  • Sunday – Yup a rainy morning but I did get out there and do my 8 mile long run once the rain stopped.  I drove to a bike path where we used run before winter.  It was clear in one direction and with a detour I was able to get all my miles done.  The weather was picture perfect.  Unfortunately I had to run alone. I missed my running buddies.

and yes I celebrated post run with ice cream and yes, I was over dressed. There were runners shirtless today. Check out that cute snowman on the bottom left.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – rest day, knitting afternoon w/friends
  • Tuesday – run, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – run, walk with BFF
  • Friday -rest day, bib pick-up, mah jongg
  • Saturday Electric Five Miler (+ 4 miles)
  • Sunday – rest day

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Central Park Half Marathon Race Recap
  • Friday – Do Those Long Runs!

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races planned?  How are you dealing with winter running so far? Anyone have a hard time adjusting to normalcy? Please share.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 2.27.22-3.6.22: Down Time

    • It is my favorite racer though this year I may have to run it virtually due to a scheduling conflict. I do love the NYC half though because you don’t have to run loops of the park.


  1. We were going to walk Bandit early but the radar showed rain — which didn’t materialize. Ah well, unless it’s pouring we’ll get to walk when it’s warmer later — but also have to squeeze in a bath for him later, too.

    I change the directions I run in to change things up, too.


  2. Oh, I wish I could join you for the knitting! I have not played with any yarn in a long time. Nice scaled-back week…though you still managed to keep moving 😉 Too bad you and I don’t live closer, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha ha, it’s “down time,” Darlene-style. The week sounds really nice, including the volunteer morning. Hope the rain let up for your eight-miler! At least it’s rain and not snow- sounds like things are warming up a little.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Central park is hilly and I usually avoid running there when I visit! Looking forward to hearing all about your race. It is always good to take a few rest days after a half.

    Liked by 1 person

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