Weekly Run Down for 10.24.21-10.31.21: Training and Raining

No weekend 5k last week so I could concentrate on the 11 mile Long Run.

We had previously been blessed with such great weather.  Well, that ended.  Many runners don’t mind running in the rain. I am not one of them. lol.

Fortunately I always have flowers in my kitchen (that I buy for myself at Trader Joes) which brighten my day (even when it cloudy and rainy).  And they last for weeks too (although I hope we have more sunshine this coming week.)

Last Week:

  • Sunday – Since I had only run a 5k on Saturday instead of the planned 10 miler, I decided to explore a new route, run 7 miles there  and then go for two nearby hikes afterwards.
  • Monday – I had not planned to run after running on both Saturday and Sunday, But Sunday’s run was easy and the pouring ran had stopped by lunchtime and threatened to start again.  So off I ran.

I get very bored in my neighborhood so I took a drive… I think the colors are prettier on a cloudy day.

I met a friend with my umbrella for an after work walk (and of course, it never rained until we were finished.)

  • Tuesday  – Another rainy day. I had no plans on joining the TTTC group. I did think about joining ARE’s Track workout (for the first time) if the rain stopped.

The rain never stopped ALL DAY. My first track workout will have to wait until next Tuesday. And I had to get my walk in at the mall.

  • Wednesday –  A scheduled rest day due to a hair appt.  Of course, it was a nice weather day.  I hate when that happens. So I decided to squeeze in a run.

it was very windy (but dry) and I did not have a lot of time… a short run is better than no run, right?

During my hair appt, I got a text that our power was out.  So I headed to the mall and walked around until the power came back on.

  • Thursday – Back to trying to fit runs in during lunch or waiting to run or walk after work with friends. I decided to wait until after work and walk at lunch.

I walked on the water line behind my house since I hadn’t been there in ages.

chilly, damp and muddy but still glad to be outdoors.

I drove to the end of the rail trail and ran solo

still working on fall running attire – always cold at first and then too hot

and then met friends nearby for cookies (since they were not able to meet me to run.)

the good news: it was too cold to order ice cream and I only ate ONE warm cookie and my hubby finished off the bag.

  • Friday -Another rest day and an evening playing mah jongg.
  • SaturdayLong Run Day! Of course, rain was predicted. But then the forecast changed to rain after 11 am.  So we all decided to give it a go.  I arrived early on the rail trail and ran 2 (in the rain… Boo).  By the time everyone else arrived the rain had stopped.  9 more miles with Sherry while the others did their own thing.  We met after at a new breakfast spot (which did not get rave reviews but my pumpkin waffles were delish).

I dressed for the occasion and like the others got warm while running (3 other runners not pictured)

The hubby wanted to go out for dinner so I had to indulge him.

the pumpkin cannoli was the highlight

  • Sunday – I had originally planned to volunteer at a local trail race. I changed my mind when my friends were not running it and the forecast was for rain (and just in case I needed to change my long from from Saturday to Sunday.) And it did rain in the am. So I continued my d-cluttering obsession…

and then took off to go hiking

First I stopped off at a Sculpture Park

unfortunately it was closed but that didn’t stop me from taking pix

and then to see some nearby falls and stroll on the Electric Trail.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! Champ and I are looking forward to giving out candy tonight!

This Coming Week on the Run:

  • Monday –   run, walk with friends
  • Tuesday – TTTC group run, ARE track workout
  • Wednesday – run, walk with friends
  • Thursday – rest day, help friend move
  • Friday -rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday Long Run (12 miles)
  • Sunday – rest day, hiking

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – What I learned from my best race
  • Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 10.24.21-10.31.21: Training and Raining

  1. Oh, I’d meet friends for fresh-baked cookies any day! I’m with you on not running in the rain — although I still need to take Scooby out. I’ll hop on the treadmill or do something else.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We had alot of rain this week too. I dont mind running in the rain if its not cold out, but I’ll avoid it if I can. Friday it was down pouring with high winds and flooding, so I was happy to keep my workout indoors that day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We also had to take Bandit out in the rain (no fenced in backyard), although sometimes we did send him out on a long lead. We all survived.

    You can never trust a weather app! Although most of the time when they say 90%or more they’re right.


  4. I kind of like running in the rain as long as it’s warm enough so that I’m not freezing but I’m guessing it’s much colder there than here now. I also love the flowers from Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection at a great price and like you said, they last a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m not a fan of running in the rain, either, but I can handle it. It does take a little more grit this time of year, though, when the temps are so much colder than in Summer. Fall running is tough to master the layers! I’d rather be too warm (in stead of too cold), but figuring out just how cold is too cold, when I leave the house, varies so much on the wind.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I did a run in the rain on Friday–my ‘official’ return to running was not happening on the TM, lol. Fortunately, it was warm and the rain wasn’t heavy. It’s that time of year where we have all the weather, sometimes all in one day, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. CHAMP!!! What a cutie!

    That’s entirely too much rain for one week. I don’t like it.

    No races for me either.

    I love all the gorgeous walks you did – I feel like you have endless scenery and views from which to choose!

    Liked by 1 person

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