Weekly Run Down for 6.28.21-7.4.21: The Last Week

Sounds like The Last Supper.

But starting next week, I will have to go back to the office at least three days a week until September when I will in the office everyday!!

So I needed to enjoy every moment at home this past week. Runs, Hikes, Bikes, Walks….

Last Week:

  • Monday – Since I knew I could not walk with my friends after work tomorrow, I wanted to today (maintaining weekly contact with my friends is one of my priorities.) So I decided to run before work. And since the heat wave continued, it was a great idea.

I do not enjoy running in my neighborhood but I got it done. It was a sweatfest and I should have gone out even earlier.

Today’s Nugget (from an AMR podcast):  If you are using a training plan that schedules your runs by time (rather than distance), on the weekend, do your runs by distance so that if you are a slower runner, you will feel better prepared for the race.

I did meet my friends after work but boy was it hot and humid!!! (I shouldn’t complain because it is even worse out West.) So happy to have done my run in the morning.

  • Tuesday – A scheduled rest day.  As I said last week, I am trying (while I’m at home) to make my rest days more active. Another HOT one. So I rode my bike at lunch since it was a little cooler than walking.

a short ride because it was hot hot hot

Then I went for a walk after my hair appt (between thunderstorms) and before grocery shopping (Yup, a LONG day!)

This park has quite a few nice paths and I would have stayed longer if I weren’t getting attacked by bugs and the sun was not going down.

  • Wednesday – I decided to get up early and run before the heat and storms arrived. It was still brutal outside and I forgot my hat!! Due to time restraints, I had to run in my neighborhood again but took a different route.

thumbs up for the flowers but thumbs down to the humidity

Today’s Nugget (from an AMR podcast):  Nada. The topic was Summer Reading. I did get a few good tips on books to read.

You may remember that on Wednesday evenings, the Ice Cream group run is scheduled. I ran early just in case it was cancelled due to a storm. It was going to held at a nearby trail (HollyHock Preserve).

Storms all evening = NO RUN! NO ICE CREAM!

  • Thursday – More rain in the forecast. It’s been tricky with the heat and the storms to have any kind of running schedule.

Again, I jumped outdoors before work to squeeze in my run (just in case the evening trail run was cancelled.) At least today the temps were a little cooler but I still struggled with the humidity. Where is the rain when you need it? (It started after I got home.)

Today’s Nugget (from an Ali on the Run podcast): An interview with a runner who is a commercial truck driver – away 5 days, 4 nights each week, working 14 hour days AND she is still able to run.  I’ll stop complaining about my job now ….

After work, I stopped by Fleet Feet to pickup my bib (and my friend Heidi’s) for Sunday’s race.

I wasted some time in Trader Joe’s before heading to the weekly group trail run.  Fingers crossed that it was not a repeat of Wednesday night.

The location of the run was Six Mile Waterworks park which is a combination of roads, grass and trails.

It was POURING!!! I was tempted to bail and a few of my friends did but I was nearby already. Yup, I went, I got very wet but we ran/walked and it was actually a lot of fun.

it rained very hard for most of the run but it did let up and I’m glad that I went.

Afterward we went out for ice cream. Redemption for the ice cream run the night before being canceled.

  • Friday – More rain in the forecast and finally cooler temps. I didn’t plan to run but my runs have been very very slow and easy and I had no plans to run on Saturday.

So I checked the forecast and it appeared that it wasn’t going to rain until later in the day. WRONG!  So I could have run before work but I didn’t. And then it started raining around 11 am. I waited and waited but it did not stop!! Until 4 pm. Grrr…

I did get my run done…

It was sooooooo humid. I wished that I had run in the rain.

Then I had to rush home in order to get ready to go out to dinner with friends and then play mah jongg.

Yup. Long day!

  • Saturday – Crazy weather. Earlier in the week it was at least 100 degree heat index and today the temps were in the 60s.

The forecasted rain never came but it was humid. I did walk at the Crossings while my friends ran. It was strange not to be worrying about doing a long run. Afterward we all walked around the farmer’s market and then we enjoyed a delicious brunch at our favorite restaurant (which now has a new location.)

The rest of the day was spent on kitchen remodeling shopping.  So hard!!!

  • Sunday – Race Day. Firecracker 4. A very popular race but my first time running it. It was the largest race that I have run since the Pandemic (though not as large as this race usually is).  I always have fun running races and this was no exception. I even ran a PR (shocker!)

I carpooled with my friend Heidi, caught up with many running friends that I’ve not seen (due to the Pandemic) and afterward Heidi and I went out to lunch (There’s always food involved.)

After lunch, I had thought that I had enough energy to add more miles so this would count as a long run.  Nope!!

some slogging miles on the Zim Smith bike path

The hubby and I decided not to go up to the lake today. In stead some gardening and fireworks at our local park.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – DAY OFF – hike
  • Tuesday – run, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – SOAR run
  • Thursday – ARE Trail Run (with friends)
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – LONG Run
  • Sunday – rest day, boating/hiking

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Hiking 2021: Mid-Year Update
  • Friday – Tips for Trail Running

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 6.28.21-7.4.21: The Last Week

  1. Are you looking forward to going back into the office? And hooray for Haircut week! It was raining the whole day I had mine done but I don’t get it blow-dried so I just scuttled home with it wet and nothing was ruined!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the PR!!! There was a 4 miler here yesterday–if we were in town, I would have done it. I’ve always wanted to, but there’s also a race in my town….anyhoo, that race was canceled this year. But we went to the lake instead. We had rain during the week but now it’s hot and dry. Crazy.


  3. Wow, your schedule is crazy with all your workouts and the unpredictable weather! I’ll be interested to hear how you fit it all in once you’re back in the office. Congrats on your race and PR- sounds like a fun weekend. Good luck this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too. I don’t know how I did it before the pandemic. I got spoiled working from home.

      Thanks. The race was lots of fun.


  4. Crazy how much rain (and storm, none the less) you’ve had. It seems like it goes in cycles here…rain for what seems like several days, then solid heat (and humidity) for a week, etc. Too bad Momma N can’t simply give all of us a variety and a break LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Glad you can enter “real” races. I am looking forward to racing in some place near my city but at the moment there is nothing on the calendar.
    Congrats on your PR.
    Before my retirement I used to run before going to work too. Now I begin my workouts at 07:00 but I made the decision to go earlier because of the heat and humidity.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on the PR Darlene!

    Full time in the office? We go back after Labor Day hybrid, after 3 days a week or so (sometimes more, sometimes less.) I’m so not ready. Give me all the tips to mentally prepare 🙂 Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats on the PR at your race!

    That was an interesting takeaway from the podcast. I’ve always trained by running a certain number of miles, but never by time. I might consider doing that for my next training cycle.

    I bet it will feel a little strange to go back into the office but it might be nice to be around co-workers again.

    Liked by 1 person

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