FFF: Ultimate Coffee Date for June ’21

It’s that time of the month…

time to join up with Coco & Deborah
for their ultimate coffee date.

I am very excited to go boating again on Lake George. If only the weather would be consistently warm on the weekends. (This weekend, it may happen!!)

1. Over coffee/wine… 

I’d tell you that I have run a few races this spring. But there seems to be a lag in available races this summer and then a cluster races for the fall.

It may be struggle to stay motivated to run with the heat and few races.

Will you be racing this summer? If not, does it affect your running mojo?

2.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that I have been hiking every Sunday since last October.  I really enjoy my fire tower climbs and waterfall views.

But boating on Lake George is one activity that the hubby and I share. Sunday is the day we go boating (because I do long runs on Saturday.)

Do you have to compromise with your significant other or can you do what YOU prefer?

3.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that I’m excited to have more opportunities to run with others. Until recently, I ran alone during the week and with others only on Saturdays.

In May, SOAR started group runs with women every other Wednesday.  Also on Wednesdays, there will be Ice Cream group runs scheduled (You run with others at different locations located near ice cream shops.)

back after a year off

In June, on Thursdays, there will be Trail group runs hosted by our local running organization.

how well do you know me? which shoe is mine?

In July, the Freihofer race training challenge will also begin group runs.

Do you have the opportunity to run with others? Or do you usually run alone? Which do you prefer?

4.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that my fall race-cation weekend has been finalized.  We are returning to Hampton Beach, NH and will be running the (in-person) Smuttynose 5k or half marathon. (There will 10 of us running the race.)

after last year’s virtual race (missing our sherpa in the pic)

Unfortunately, I was not quick enough and last year’s perfect house was already rented. But instead we rented another with 5 bedrooms and 7 beds (not on the beach but .8 miles away.)

Do you have any race-cations or big races planned for the Fall? Anyone planning on running this race or have run it?

5.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that the NYC Marathon will be held live in November. I know several runners who will be doing it. Yup, I’m having some FOMO.

I did time qualify for 2020 but did not want to run it two years in a row. Who knew that there would be a Pandemic and I could pick 2021, 2022 or 2023 to run it again.

Hey I’ll be 70 in 2023…so maybe things will be back to normal by 2024 and I’ll still be running half marathons?

Do you ever have second thoughts about a race that you did not sign up for?

Happy Running! What’s new with you?  Any trips, races or fun summer activities planned? Please share.






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32 thoughts on “FFF: Ultimate Coffee Date for June ’21

  1. I’ve noticed a similar trend (at least in Iowa) with not much happening for races (other than some random 5K’s) over the summer, but Fall seems to have a good selection. I don’t think RD”s anticipated the pandemic phasing out so quickly (Obviously, the pandemic is STILL here, but is much less of a concern than it was even a couple months ago).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup. It’ll be a slow hot summer and then many decisions on which races to do in the fall. I feel so sorry for the RDs.


    • It should be hot on Sunday but maybe I squeeze some hikes in after my long run on Sat. But trails get crowded if you don’t go early. Dilemma!!


    • That’s so exciting about NYC. I’m glad I ran it. Best experience ever.

      Hood to Coast should be amazing. Fingers crossed for London.


  2. Races are slowly starting to roll out here locally. Still nothing in my city but I’ve seen some 5Ks and 10Ks advertised in nearby cities. I don’t have any racecations planned, although I did take a look at the RnR website on Global Running Day to see their sales but nothing caught my eye.


    • Same. Nothing looked interesting as far as RnR. I’ve run 3 of them and only had a good experience in one.

      Tempted with Surf Town.

      Possibly Cape Cod????


  3. I’m starting to see a few more races around here, but it’s still fairly quiet. I am signed up for one of my fave local 10Ks – it’s in July so it will be a shuffle for sure, but it’s always a fun race.

    That’s great that you have Smuttynose all booked! I’m holding off on committing to any Fall races until I see my boys’ school/college schedules – September and October can get tricky, but I should definitely be able to get something booked for November.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That great about a local July race. You will have fun. No need to race it since it will probably be hot anyway.

      I also have a local 15k signed up for November. I’m hoping all races will return in 2022.


  4. Yes, from what I know of you, you’ll miss racing in the summer! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of fun run meetups during the week to keep thing interesting though.
    That’s a tough one… hiking or the boat. Maybe the boat will be more fun than hiking in the heat, and then in the fall when it gets too cold for boating you’ll be able to get back to your hikes. You can show us photos from the boat instead of the waterfalls for now!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I did do Smuttynose, It was quite a few years ago. We had a great time (even though the weather wasn’t great on race — not terrible, but not great either). I imagine by now they may have changed the course!

    We have always traveled together, even before we were married (my Dad was not happy about that, how things have changed!). We both have separate (very different!) interests too. it works for us.


    • Our travel activities are too different. I rather travel with my tennis or running friends. That works for us. He doesn’t mind staying home when I travel and it’s much cheaper that way too.

      And yes, the Smuttynose course did change. It’s pretty much all along the water. No matter what, I know we will have a great time. We all get along so well.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I noticed the same thing about races – there aren’t too many this summer, then there are a bunch again this fall.

    I think I am pretty lucky – hubby and I share a lot of the same interests (especially running). Boating on Lake George looks like a lot of fun. I bet your hubby is glad you go out with him.

    I have been thinking about time qualifying for the NYC Marathon too. I think I could do it. I just have to figure out what to use as a qualifying race.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I finally got out for a hike today and it was really great. I’m so glad I got out there.

    My husband and I have VERY different interests. Right now, he is really leaning in about me going to a concert. We don’t have the same taste in music, and I don’t love concerts (or the cost of them). He found one in August that he wants us to go to. I’m definitely getting theater tickets in return!

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  8. I haven’t run with a friend in AGES. I do miss that. It’s great that you and your husband enjoy boating together. I’m glad there are two days on the weekend — one I can focus on my long run and the other I can ride with my husband. No compromise required. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yay! I’ve been doing a lot of hiking since the pandemic too–sadly not every weekend (although I’d love to!) but maybe that’ll be a goal I can try for when things calm down a bit at work. I love waterfall hikes too! :]

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So many exciting things ahead for you Darlene! I wish I did not let my third BQ “go to waste” and not sign up for Boston in 2011. I felt pressured by those who thought us repeaters should get out of the way so new people could have a chance but I realize now that was probably ridiculous.

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