TT: Best Things Viewed During a Race

The Tuesday Topic this week is: What are some of the best things you’ve seen at a race or a run?

Here are SIX of my Favorite Sightings During a Race:

1 The Finish Line

always a welcome sight!!

2 A Porta Potty during the race (especially when you need it)

When Nature Calls: 5 Reasons Not To Hate On Race Porta-Potties

Never had to use one (knock on wood) but a few almosts

3 Music Motivation

at the TOP of a huge Hill (Adirondack HM)

3. Crowd Support

mile 22 of the NYC Marathon

4. Scenic Views (esp. water, sunrises, mountains, etc.)

the bridge in Sarasota, FL

10 mile race in Palm Springs

5. Food or Drink

Running race: water station

 jello shots, beer, Girl Scout cookies, bags of ice, GU. In Paris, they handed out bottles of water

6. Friends or Family

It’s not often that I have friends or my hubby cheering me on during a race. But at mile 18, this sure was a welcome sight.

I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

I’m also linking up here:

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Happy Running! What are some of your favorite sights during a race? Please share.


32 thoughts on “TT: Best Things Viewed During a Race

    • This post made me miss racing. It’s back somewhat but missing many things in my list. Food and spectators are gone. Instead we now have masks.


  1. I would have mentioned all these points, too, Darlene! Especially the finish line, haha!

    The last photo with your friends is so sweet! I always tear up when I see friends and family cheering. I love the crowds at a race.
    I guess we will have to get used to very quiet races for a while until everything is back to normal.

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    • That’s what I just replied. Some of my favorite things are gone with these pandemic races. But at least there are races. Hopefully they will be normal again.

      And yes I cried when I saw that my friends drove 3 hours just to see me for a minute.

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  2. Friends and Family during a race- YES! So fun…I miss that- trying to spot my parents or friends at certain spots. The Atlanta marathon (my last full and only full of 2020) had very sparse crowds so it was a huge treat when I saw my husband and my friend Christie.

    Fun list! Makes me excited for races to truly return.

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  3. It is such a boost seeing friends and/or family along a race route! When I ran the Des Moines Marathon, in addition to the hubs & two younger kids, there were a few other relatives and some social media “friends” from Insta & FB that spotted me & gave me a cheer. Yes, the finish line never gets old LOL

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  4. I love the finish lines and the supportive signs! And the food that people hand out! My marathon finish line photo shows a ziploc of oreos hanging out of the top of my bra. Someone handed them to me and I saved them because I think i thought they would be my last hope for survival, at some point. I was all good.


  5. I really miss spectators! I’ve done a few post COVID races, but in most cases spectators aren’t allowed. I can’t wait until we can get back to large cheering crowds again! There’s nothing like 10,000 people screaming and cheering you on to get you motivated to run!

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