TT: My Running Pet Peeves

The Tuesday Topic this week is: Running (and Racing) Pet Peeves

I’m pretty chill (or oblivious) and I had a hard time writing this.  So I am adding Racing to my List.

  • Runners who always complain that they are “SLOW.”  Pace is an individual thing.  We are ALL “slow” if we compare ourselves to a faster runner.
  • Runners who run alone because they don’t run at the same PACE as someone else.  Running solo is a great option. BUT you can be flexible if you want to have company. Believe me, you can run a MUCH longer distance if you are not alone.  Just compromise on pace or intervals for one run. It’s worth it in the end.
  • Runners who are always late to group runs.  And if you need to warm-up, you should just arrive earlier.  Of course, this is especially bothersome when it is very cold or very hot.
  • Runners whom you pass on a road or trail and do not respond to a wave or a “hello.” IMO, that’s just rude but maybe they are just “in the zone.”
  • RDs who advertise a race as being flat and fast.  We know that means it has hills. Just be honest and post an elevation chart.
  • Races that start late.
  • Races that do not have adequate parking.
  • Races without enough water stops or enough water/volunteers at those stops.
  • Races where the course is not adequately marked. The course should have course marshals at all the turns.
  • Large races with 10 year Age Group awards rather than 5.
  • Races that give unisex shirts as swag. In fact, I would rather have the option not to get a shirt and pay less.  Even better, a different kind of swag. We all have enough shirts.
  • Expensive races without a deferral option. Injuries and family emergencies happen.
  • Races without day of race packet pick-up.  If someone travels to a race, it is often impossible to pick up their bib the day before.
  • Long races without bag check.  I always need to be able to put on warmer or cooler clothes after a race. Often my hotel or car is not nearby.

Wow, I guess I had more pet peeves that I thought lol

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Happy Running! What are some of running or racing pet peeves? Do agree with any of mine? Please share.


32 thoughts on “TT: My Running Pet Peeves

  1. These are great! Yes, pace is all relative. There’s always someone faster, and always someone slower! Doesn’t matter.

    Your group run comment is similar to my ‘one-stepping’ comment; when running with a group, just compromise! You’ll have so much more fun!


  2. That’s quite a list! I’ve learnt how powerful/useful/fun it can be to run with people who have different paces. You’re right – it’s just about adjusting. For example, when I’m with faster friends, I will do some tempo work and they will do their run as easy. And it works our perfectly. But I do get why some are intimidated to run with faster people – I used to feel as if I was holding them back. Now I see that it actually works out for everyone (if people go in with the right mindset).


  3. Haha, Darlene! The one with the “flat and fast” races made me smile.
    It gets even worse: I’ve experienced RDs who post the elevation chart but it’s so skewed that it LOOKS flat when in fact it has killer hills. But they only did it once! 🙂

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  4. Very extensive list, and I agree with all of it! I just got an email form a race in April (it’s still virtual, but may go “live” as we get closer to the date)…but they decided to change the jackets to unisex from gender-specific, so we had to designate what new size we wanted. Like you, I’d much rather save a few dollars and not have a boxy, ill-fitting swag item.

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  5. Those are some good pet peeves. I would add to the “slow” runner one, runners who complain that they’re slow but never do any speedwork. I mean…if you’re unhappy with your pace, do something about it! If not, just enjoy where you’re at.

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    • Being slow is fine. But complaining bugs me even though I am sure I do it. It’s great that everyone is out there no matter what their pace is.


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