TT: Best Running Views From Around the World

The Tuesday Topic this week is: Best Running Views From Around the World

Gee, I wish I had traveled more.

Some of the other bloggers will probably have more interesting views but here are my favorites:

In the US:

New York City

Upstate NY


Palm Springs, CA


Las Vegas

Outside the US:




I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

I’m also linking up here:

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

Happy Running! What/where are some of your favorite running views? Please share.


33 thoughts on “TT: Best Running Views From Around the World

  1. Oh, these are beautiful photos, Darlene.
    Montreal and Denver are places I’ve never been to. One day, I’ll have to make a “North America” bucket list and visit all these places.
    Will you be going to Florida this month?

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  2. With the exception of Palm Springs, I have been to all of these places — I have run in all of them except Paris & Bermuda (I was only 9 years old when I visited Bermuda, though).

    You have visited many beautiful places, in this country and outside of this country.


    • Yes I feel lucky. I only wish when I travelled to conference all over the country for work, I was a runner. Now I don’t have the time or $$ to do much traveling. I do plan to go back to Paris…not sure if anywhere else exciting.

      But at least I have a job to pay the bills (so can’t complain).

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  3. I haven’t been much of a world traveler, so I wouldn’t have much to contribute unless I did a bucket list approach. I have seen some beautiful US cities, though, for which I’m quite grateful 🙂

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  4. I think you shared some wonderful views! I really would love to go to Paris again and Denver has been on my list for a while!


  5. Those are some really nice views! I wish I was more of a runner when I traveled to Europe in college. I ran in London (where I was studying abroad) but not in any of the other places I visited.

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  6. These pictures are beautiful! I’ve traveled in Europe but there are lots of places here in the US that I’ve never been to. When I travel again I just want to go around the US and see the incredible sights we have right here. And of course run in beautiful locations!

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    • I haven’t travel near enough since I became a runner (which was very late in life). But the best way to see a place is running there.

      Hope there is more travel in both of our futures.


  7. Great photos! Hawaii is one of my favorite places to run in the US. The views in the Canary Islands were amazing and I remember the solitude and sheer beauty of nature when running in Costa Rica. I had so much fun running through the tiny towns in Austria, with the Alps as the backdrop. So many others but I’ll stop there.

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    • Ha Ha. I remember those days. I used to race with a phone in one pocket and a camera in the other.

      I can’t remember the last time I used a real camera.


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