2020 in Photos

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

The Topic for today is: Your Year in Photos

Definitely this year has been different.  But I still did take lots of photos and there were many positives to this year.

Here are my 2020 Highlights:

  • January

A fun New Year’s Day local race, a blogger meet-up in NYC and my first half marathon of the year

  • February

A sad local race (dedicated to a friend who died), a vacation in Bermuda/my 2nd half marathon of the year, and a weekend trip to the Van Gogh exhibit in Montreal.

  • March

I started working from home and all my races started getting cancelled so I visited the local preserves, ran a virtual half marathon, and went for a walk several times each day.

  • April

More of the same….  another virtual half marathon, lots of running, walking and hiking solo.

  • May

My birthday (and it snowed) but I started safely seeing my friends and running/brunching with them. I also completed another virtual half marathon.

  • June

No real races but running long with friends on the weekends in addition to boating on Lake George. Our running group also started weekday after work walks on the local trails.

  • July

Exactly the same as June but with warmer and more humid temps. I added Friday after work walks with two former co-workers and more difficult hikes.

  • August

Same as July.

  • September

Two more of my half marathons went virtual but I chose not to run them. I continued running, hiking, walking and boating as in the previous months.

  • October

Finally a race-cation except that the race was cancelled. My friends and I went, ran it anyway and had a great time.  Boating ended but walks and hikes allowed me to enjoy the amazing fall foliage (best ever). I also completed another virtual half marathon.

  • November

Colder temps and less daylight made it difficult to connect with friends to run and hike.  I did my best.  And I actually ran an in-person race.

  • December

Even colder weather but I managed to keep running, visit NYC and run an in-person 5k there.

2020 is almost over but unfortunately not the pandemic (as I had hoped back in March). The good news is that four of my immediate family members, who came down with COVID in November, all recovered.  (Thank you for your prayers and virtual hugs.)

Here’s hoping that 2021 is a year with many more happy memories (and photo ops.)

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Happy Running! What positives happened in 2020? Did your photos help you remember the good? Please share.

27 thoughts on “2020 in Photos

  1. I love all your outdoor photos, Darlene. If I remember correctly, you don’t count your steps, right?
    I’m sure you log more than 20’000 a day with all your running and hiking.

    So good that all 4 family members are doing well after COVID. Do they have any after-effects?
    Here in South Africa, we’re dealing with a new COVID mutation. Right now, the news stories are conflicting – so I’m waiting until the true facts are out. For now, we’re in a lockdown, just like Europe. There’s always something new!

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    • For work we use an app called Virgin Pulse. It pulls my steps from my Apple Watch. Some days it’s 10k. Others 5k. Weekends over 20k. It varies.

      So far everyone is ok. Fingers crossed.

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  2. Although Covid took most of our races from us, it kept its “hands off” of our running 😉 I love all the hiking and daily walking you knocked out this year…we find a way, don’t we? Here’s to a great 2021 ❤

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  3. oh Darlene, so glad your four family members are doing okay. It’s such a mix of who does okay and who doesn’t! I coach two runners who have had it and their experiences have been completely different. One still can’t run around the block 3 months later 😦

    You made the most of the year, got outside, stayed active, and stayed positive! Here’s to health and happiness in 2020!

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  4. What an awesome year for you Darlene! You totally packed in a bunch of activity in this crazy year.

    So thankful that all of your family members are recovering from Covid. It’s such a scary thing and glad that they are recovering.

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  5. Even with the pandemic and the race cancellations, you made the best of it. I love that you did a lot of walking and explored many new to you places. Happy to know your family members are recovered from Covid.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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  6. So glad that your family members are back to normal health-wise. I love all the photos you took and although the year didn’t quite work out as initially planned, you certainly made the best of all situations and just kept showing up. Let’s hope 2021 has a few more days to celebrate (and races! I miss real races!)

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  7. I have to admit, I am jealous of your trip to Montreal to see the van Gogh exhibit. One of my favorite cities and artists. What a year! You did great with your running. All those virtual half marathons. so glad your family members recovered from COVID. Here’s to running some real live races in 2021!


    • Carpe Diem. So happy I did make those trip early in the year… who knew that the world would close in March.

      And yes, more races in 2021 – real ones.

      Happy New Year to you!


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