Weekly Run Down for 8.24.20-8.30.20: Just Another Manic Monday…

My second Monday in a row OFF from work!!!

Manic because I stress about weather and what to do and where to go.  It’s important when you work 5 days a week and have limited days off.  I want to make the most of them.  So far so good.

Two summer Mondays had already been filled with hiking adventures.

Exciting news on the Skirt Sports front this week. As you may know, the company went out of business….

thumbs up for Skirt Sports + ZOOMA

But then it was bought by someone else… the owner of the ZOOMA race series.

 at the ZOOMA Bermuda – one of my favorite race experiences

In NYS, gyms were allowed to open this week. The latest on my free gym:

no surprise here…hopefully they will open before it gets cold.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Day off from work! Woo Hoo!!

The day before I was at a tennis gathering on the Schroon River so I decided not to return home and stay up in the Adirondacks so I could run and hike there. (Lots of thunderstorms but missed them in both places 🙂 )

instead of a run, I opted for a walk and breakfast with a view. I didn’t want my legs to be too tired for my hike

I met my friend in North Creek (about 40 min from the marina) and we drove to the trail head.  My friend recommended Moxham Mountain since it had some great views and it was long but not too difficult.

she was right… it was amazing!!! It was worth the 4 hours!!

We were able to explore North Creek and the Mosaic Project before the rain came.

almost finished after 9 years in the making

  • Tuesday – After work, I had a hair appointment. I was planning on a rest day since I usually run on Mondays. But I did not run yesterday so I had hoped to squeeze one in at lunch.  It was so humid and it looked like the skies were about to open that I opted for a walk instead.

not too many flowers still around but I love when these white ones turn to pink

After my hair appt, I stopped off at The Crossings to get in a few miles before the next pop up thunderstorm.

another slog but didn’t get wet..yes that’s a Christmas that I frequently photograph here

  • Wednesday – I did get to run in the morning today before work. With the cooler temps, I should have been peppy but I was not lol.  Though it was in the 50s, I felt overdressed in my half-zip due to the bright sunshine.

my waterline path is overgrown 😦 but I did find some unopened sunflowers in my neighborhood

and then a walk at lunch.

fear not…there are still some flowers.. such as these red ones.

For our weekly trail walk, we returned to Thacher Park.  We chose a different trail in order to view Hang Glider Cliff. The weather and the company were PERFECT for the walk.

someone was even going to propose at the top (see pic below) …how sweet ❤

The walk was long enough to earn a dinner at one of my favorite places again – Maple on the Lake.

I wore a sweatshirt and sweat pants so I was not cold this week (as we ate outside (for the view)

  • Thursday – Whether or not I would run today was dependent on work and the weather. Rain was predicted for most of the day. When I was doing the challenge, if it were raining, I’d just grab an umbrella and walk.  Now…nope I skipped walking in the rain before work.

Only had a short break for lunch and it was POURING and thundering! Nope. Not happening.

My only hope for some activity today was after work. The rain had let up so I took off for a run at the Albany end of the rail trail (for a change of scenery).  No trails today due to the mud situation.

got it done before another storm

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday.

But due to Saturday’s weather forecast, we decided to postpone our long runs until Sunday.  That messes with my head.  Do I still rest???

Yes, but there were several walks. No time before work but one at lunch.

I decided to go to the nearby nature preserve trail since I hadn’t been there in a while.

On the way….guess what I passed??

I LOVE sunflowers!! I don’t know if they plant them every year but I’ve never seen them.  Then again, I’ve never gone to nature preserves before the pandemic.  So I ran to them and back (about 1/2 mile) and then only had time for one loop of the preserve.

Another walk right after work but only had time for the neighborhood.

happy to find some pinks and purples still around 🙂

And of course, ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers.  We returned to our original meet-up spot and headed in the opposite direction (so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy the gourmet popcorn lol)

6 miles!!


Rain, rain and more rain. I was hoping for a break in the weather to get in a bike ride or walk. It did stop and after all my errands and cleaning, I decided I needed a road trip.

So I headed out to find a hike with a decent waterfall. And I did…the best one I’ve seen so far.

On my way home, I stopped off at Art Omi, a nearby outdoor sculpture garden.  It was so interesting and perfect for distancing…everything was so spread out.


So normally Sunday is reserved for boating with the hubby.  Luckily for me, he is flexible.  I could run and skip boating or just head up and meet him after my run.

Since Alyssa did not defer the H2H half marathon, we wanted to support her virtual quest and so we met at Zim Smith bike path so we could have brunch at Leah’s.  (Food is a priority).

I arrived earlier and ran some miles with Alyssa and then circled back and ran intervals with Deirdre.  In the end, I completed 12 miles.  I earned my Dark n Stormy, quiche and brownie and chatted (for longer than I ran) with the other 6 Sole Sisters.

The weather was great…glad I didn’t run in the rain/humidity on Sat.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday –  run, mall walk with BFF
  • Wednesday – rest day, trail walk
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How are you surviving the summer heat?  Please share.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 8.24.20-8.30.20: Just Another Manic Monday…

  1. It totally messes with me when I can’t do my long run on Saturdays. I like having Sunday as a backup long run day but Saturdays just feel so weird without running. This week even though it was hot on Saturday and cool on Sunday I did a short run on Saturday so that I could have “something” and am back to normal today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We had a ton of rain this week this week too really messed up my schedule as well. Looks like you still managed to get a bunch of great workouts in. Such pretty sunflowers. My first skirt was bought at my first Zooma half marathon race. funny coincidence!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I moved my long run to Sunday this week too. I prefer to get it done on Friday or Saturday but the weather was much better today. Since I didn’t run early in the week last week, my schedule was thrown off anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I always have done my long runs on Saturday (ahem, when I’m able to run LOL), so the Sunday long run just feels “off” to me. We usually have church, so the Saturday runs just work better for my schedule. Now, with the pandemic, our services have been streamed since March…so I don’t have to be all cleaned up and proper by 10:00…and there were several virtual services when I was still in my running gear. I love all the pretty flowers you keep sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Really love the sunflowers! There’s a farm sort of near here, but far enough that I haven’t visited. I was happy to hear about SkirtSports since I’ve become such a fan recently. I hope they keep the same basic styles and quality.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s still a secret on the products. A limited selection in the Fall to see how things go.

      I just stumbled upon these sunflowers. Pleasant surprise.


  6. I was happy to hear that gyms have re-opened in NYC. You would be surprised at how many cars I see in my city with NY and NJ plates. They are coming here to use our gyms which is annoying, but I understand why they are doing it. Thankfully now they can use the gyms in NY.

    As always, love the photos from your trail, especially all the flowers.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It is weird how we have our routine and don’t know what to do when change happens. I also do my long run on Saturday so to change it to Sunday would feel “weird”.

    I am jealous of your days off. I started school this week and need a day off. And no I cannot wait till Monday. 🙂 I am just so tired and overwhelmed.

    Liked by 1 person

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