Weekly Run Down for 7.27.20-8.2.20: Finally a Day Off

I haven’t had a day off from work (besides the weekend) since February.

So I took off this past Monday in hopes that the weather would cooperate and I could do something fun.

And I DID!!!


I have until Aug 31 to run/walk 1000k.  Getting there…

Last Week –

  • Monday -As I mentioned above, I took the day off from work.  I was hoping to spend the day hiking with my friend but she could not go so that will have to wait until my next Monday off in August.

Instead I decided that I would sleep over in Bolton Landing on our boat the night before. That way I could go for a run along Lake George first thing in the morning and afterward do some hiking up that way.

morning has broken…

I forgot how much I missed waking up with a view of the lake and running on those familiar routes (I used to do it most weekends before I ran with a running group on Saturdays.)

my favorite 3 mile loop – to and from the Sagamore Hotel

My favorite hike (Pinnacle Pt) was closed due to Covid 19 so I chose two longer and more challenging ones – Cat and Thomas. I’ve done them before but several years ago I believe.

I thought I’d do both but had a change of heart and decided to just do the longer one (Cat) since it had a better view.  It was much much longer than I thought….

but the view was worth it

I met a bunch of older women at the top and they were heading over to Thomas so I’d thought well, I’ll should do that too.

Whoa!! The most technical trail I’ve even done…up and done cliffs… for several miles!!!

again a beautiful view but too tired and hungry to enjoy it as much as the first one

Well, it turns out these older women were 46ers (meaning they’ve climbed all the high peaks in the Adirondacks). Anyway, they said that they knew a shortcut down the mountain to my car so I followed them.  Not a shortcut…an unmaintained WRONG trail that took much longer!!!

Hello. 15 miles for the day!! Did I mention it was in the mid-90s.  But actually it was shady and breezy and perfect hiking weather in the  mountains. That hike took me about 5 1/2 hours!!

It was sooo warm when I was done that I went swimming at the beach and then headed home for dinner.

  • Tuesday – Back to work. Of course when you take a day off, you pay for it the next day.  No time to walk before work or during lunch. But I did get out for a few minutes in the afternoon.

hydrangea obsessed.

Not as warm as previous days but boy, the humidity was high!

After work, I was tempted to go for a run but I promised myself a rest day after my hiking adventure the day before.  Instead I set off for the preserves.

unfortunately there was no waterfall as it has been a dry summer

I passed a second preserve on the way home so I decided to stop.

I think that I enjoyed this one even more than the first.

  • Wednesday – I started the day with a short walk in the ‘hood

it’s getting tough finding NEW blooms

I had plans after work so I had to squeeze a run during lunch. Hotter than I thought…. These noon runs are not the best idea…they never go well.

I thought the water line would be shady and it is except for the middle where you run…best part was the sprinkler (and the rose/butterfly)

After work, my running group had our weekly trail walk scheduled. With no rain in sight, more runners showed up this week. We chose last week’s location – Pine Bush Trails. Believe it or not, we did get rained on but it felt good!

we did the 1 mi blue loop and then the 3 mi yellow loop (to earn my ice cream cone)

  • Thursday – I had to get my run in before work since I would not be likely to do it later. It was a beautiful morning.

in the hood’ and along the main road

I listened to Ali on the Run’s interview with Emily Halnon (my friend who recently died’s daughter) and it made me sad and inspired at the same time.  This is the link if you want to read about it or take a listen: https://www.aliontherunblog.com/2020/07/29/ali-on-the-run-show-267-emily-halnon/

I miss Andrea A LOT.  She was an amazing lady and a great friend.

Her daughter is running 453 miles (in record time) this Saturday in her honor and to raise money for rare cancers.  That is 45-70 miles a day for 9 days!!!!!

This is the link if you wish to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/running-the-oregon-pct-for-brave-like-gabe

I also was able to squeeze in a walk at lunch (to finish listening to that podcast).

After work, I went to my re-scheduled dinner out with my tennis friends.  It was our first one in an restaurant (though one with patio dining).

  • Friday – Rest day Friday as usual.  A few walks here and there…

and after work, I met two former co-workers for a long walk on the rail trail.

we decided to make this a weekly thing

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY.  We all returned to Zim Smith at various times for various distances and all gathered after for brunch from Leah’s. I ran 3 solo. Then Alyssa, Deirdre and Jan arrived.  I ran intervals with Jan and Deirdre while Alyssa ran ahead.

We ran for the first time on the new part of the trail

We probably spent more time eating and chatting after than running.  I think there were 10 of us.  So fun!!

Knowing that I would probably be a slug the next day, I went for an after dinner walk.

one of the my favorite places to stroll – Pine Hollow Arboretum

  • Sunday – Boating on Lake George.  Although it was predicted to rain in the am then storm in the afternoon, we decided to ignore the forecast and go up to the lake.  Glad we did since there was NO rain…just an occasional cloud.  So relaxing.  Love my lake get-away.

and I was right – no walking today – just floating in the water and reading on the boat

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –run 
  • Tuesday –  rest day
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How are you surviving the summer heat?  Please share.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.27.20-8.2.20: Finally a Day Off

  1. Wow! So much for a hiking adventure! Glad you made it back to your car safely…eventually. I think of Andrea as well and miss her a ton. I’m glad her kids have left her IG feed up as I like to visit and enjoy her pics. Emily is amazing. I’ll give the podcast a listen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Yeah, the one downside to all of the WFH is there’s really no reason to take a day off. At least I can slack a bit when my workload is light.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad that you were able to find something fun to do on Monday on your day off! Although we can’t travel anywhere, it’s nice to do fun day trips when possible.

    I didn’t know Andrea but just from what I’ve read here and on other blogs, I could tell she was a wonderful woman. I absolutely love what her daughter is doing in her honor!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That was quite a Monday! I hear ya on the day off and the subsequent “payment due” when you return. I took Thursday and Friday off (to stay home with Max), so I paid dearly today for that LOL


  5. Those boating and hiking photos really take me away! I’ve started taking 1/2 days off on Fridays, at least for July and August. I’m not going anywhere except on bike rides with Deborah. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a great idea. Just getting off the computer for one day was a vacation. I have two more Mondays off.

      Enjoy your Friday’s. Wish I had thought of that. Lol.


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