Mid-Year Review

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

The Topic for today is: 2020 Mid-Year Review

Well, obviously things haven’t gone as planned. (17 races that I was planning to run by Jun 30, 2020 have been cancelled).

  • Races

The year started with a painful foot.  I continued to run on it and completed a few short races and two half marathons. Then I got rid of the pain but there have been no races since 😦

  • Virtual Races

Yes, I have technically completed quite a few including three half marathons.

But none have I truly raced.

  • Mileage

My goal for the year has always been 1000 miles.  That means around 84 miles each month.

Jan – 83.8 miles
Feb  – 76.7 miles
Mar – 91 miles
Apr – 89 miles
May – 86.5 miles
Jun – 82 miles

I have run 507 miles so far.

It seems that I am right on track as far as that goes.

  • Training Plans

I have continued to run as if I were training for a half marathon.  That means I run 3 short runs during the work week

and one Long Run of 10 miles on the weekend.

  • Cross Training

Ummm.. I started the year with an occasional trip to the gym to ride the bike or use the machines (very occasional).

Then everything closed. I do not own any equipment.

So it’s been a lot of walking, a lot of hiking and a lot of weeding. I have also taken a yoga class every month (face to face and then through ZOOM).

  • Race-cations

Yes, my favorite thing to do.

NYC for a half marathon and then an awesome one in Bermuda (who knew how fun it would be and how it may be the last  one of the year?) I had a race scheduled for my tennis trip to Naples, Fl but the trip got cancelled.  I had another NYC trip planned for June but that race got cancelled.

Hopefully, my NH girls trip will happen in October – race or no race.  Maybe I will even get to run in NYC before 2021.

  • Blogger Meet-ups

Well, most of them have been virtual.

virtual 5k with Cari, Kim and Deb

Gotta love ZOOM.

As I am sure every runner will agree, 2020 so far has not been a remarkable year.  But if we are all healthy, we should not complain.

Things can only get better!!

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Happy Running! How is your 2020 shaping up? Please share.

24 thoughts on “Mid-Year Review

  1. Darlene, except for the missing Race-cations your first half has been quite good!
    What race would you have done in Naples, FL?
    You’re doing well with keeping up with all your walking and running.
    I don’t have much gym equipment either, but I do some bodyweight exercises. Even without weights, they’re exhausting!

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  2. You should consider getting a couple sets of light hand weights to have at your house (I have 8# and 12#, but want to add a set of 15# to the mix…probably less than $30 invested). It’s easy to squeeze in 20 minutes of arm/shoulder work while watching tv, and you can also use them for squats or lunges, etc. That said, you are so active, especially with all the walking and hiking, you definitely are getting in a lot of movement. We’ll all look back on 2020 and laugh, or at least smile, at what we endured.


  3. It’s definitely been a challenging year and I’m totally missing my racecations. You’ve had a LOT of race cancellations though- I think I’ve had only 5 races cancel on me that I was planning on doing so far. Two have been postponed and are so far still going forward. I don’t expect them to, but I’m continuing to train for 5ks and 10ks just in case. My coach thinks if anything comes back this year it’ll be the shorter, smaller races before the larger, longer ones.

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  4. I am impressed how you have really kept up your mileage and your running schedule. Aren’t you glad that you got that Bermuda run in? So glad we got to finally meet in January. Who knows when we will be back in NYC. The second half of the year has to get better!


    • Maybe better or the same??
      Hope we meet again. Maybe you’ll race in NYC or I’ll come to Va/DC.

      Bermuda was the best decison ever.


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