Looking Back and Having Coffee

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My Topic this week is: Looking Back on 2019

I’m not really into goals but last January, I posted about my plans for 2019.

Here’s what I wrote:

1. Run 1000 miles.

It’s just a number.  But that number means two things to me.  I have been running consistently all year and that I have not been injured.

2. Take some yoga classes.

I’m not good at yoga. I have zero flexibility. But it is relaxing and my life is not. So I think it will help me both mentally and physically.

3. Do some strength or cross training.

I hope to play more tennis starting in June but I do have access to a local free gym. I’d like to get there on some of my rest days.

4. Train seriously for One Race.

Not sure which one but I have already registered for five half marathons so maybe the local one. Or maybe a 5k.

5. And finally…. Finish a 26.2 mile race.

Yes, you heard that right. I haven’t registered yet (next week) but it seems crazy not to take advantage of qualifying for this year’s NYC Marathon.

So how did I do??

1 . Run 1000 miles.

Nope947. If not for my calf injury in February and sore foot in December, I may have reached that number.  As I said, “It’s only a number.”  I am NOT disappointed in my 2019 mileage.

2. Take some yoga classes.

Not until November.  I blame it on work travel which was often insane and marathon training.

So better late than never. I have taken a few classes in the last two months of the year. Maybe that will be a sign of the future.

3. Do some strength or cross training.

No on this one, as well.  I decided to not join a tennis club and play weekly. As a result, I played during my May tennis vacation in May and not again since then.

As far as the gym, just an occasional trip to use the arm machines or the treadmill or recently the bike. Nothing to write home about for same reason as not going to yoga classes.

4. Train seriously for One Race.

A big No on this one too. Due to work travel, I didn’t participate in the Freihofer or Troy Turkey Trot training groups.

No drills. I just showed up for a race now and then and did my best.

5. And finally…. Finish a 26.2 mile race.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

My success story of the year. I ran my first full marathon.

The funny thing about posting these plans/goals is that I don’t remember writing them. So I didn’t think about them all year.

I’m not disappointed at all in how my year turned out (even though 4 out 5 of my plans didn’t materialize.)

2019 was still a good year in my book. (I am trying not to focus on the month of December and how the year ended.)

It’s also that time of the month…

ultimate coffee date

…to join up with Coco Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Happy Running!  Any goals or plans for 2019? If so, did you meet them? Please share.

30 thoughts on “Looking Back and Having Coffee

  1. I am not a big goal person either. The problem with putting all of your eggs in one basket (training for ONE race) is if you are having an off day on the day of the race, your season of training goes out the window. And I have off days for reasons unknown to me. It could happen at any time. Better to just show up for a bunch of races and see what happens.

    Congrats on your first 26.2. You had an awesome attitude.

    Hope your foot issues clear up soon!


    • Yes I am wishing this pain away.

      I agree about races. I like to run many. You never know about how they will turn out. No BQ or PRs on my bucket list.


  2. Completing the NY marathon is a huge accomplishment for the year. If yoga is something you really want to do, even just 15 min feels good. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020 thanks for linking up for coffee


    • Same to you. Hope we are both pain free in 2020. I’m not one to do yoga at home. I enjoy classes. I just need to sign up for them.


  3. Your marathon basically beats all the others in my opinion!!

    I’m not making goals this year (not right now anyway) because I just don’t feel like either putting the pressure on myself or forgetting what I wrote in the first place!

    May we run 2020 with as little to no pain as possible and no more injuries.


  4. You came pretty close to your mileage goal! And that marathon medal is a beauty! I mean, really, what will top that?

    Whenever someone says to me that they aren’t flexible enough for yoga, I want to say that you’re the person who needs yoga! I am so not flexible but yoga gives me more flexibility than I would have without it. I haven’t been doing as much yoga and I am feeling it!

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  5. Hah! I’d be the same with making goals – I would forget them, so I guess they’re not really goals. I think you did great with your list as a whole, in spite of what life threw your way.

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  6. I didn’t remember a lot of my plans/goals either until I went back to check on how I did on em’ at the end of the year. Congrats to you on your first full marathon! :] That’s definitely a huge accomplishment!

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  7. We both conquered big goals this year. I’m not sure I even really had my YTT in mind at the very beginning of 2019, but i signed up in February, but maybe.

    The biggest trick with goals is to have a way to remind yourself of them.

    Life always throws us curve balls.2019 had major highs and lows for me, and I expect the same of 2020.


  8. I think we all feel a little compelled to set “new” yearly goals…but they don’t always work for a lot of us. Like Laurie said (above), focusing an entire year on one race can be a disappointment if race day doesn’t go as planned. MCM was a near-disaster with ALL the rain, but it still was a bucket list race for me, and I loved the experience (my finish time was nowhere near what I was capable of, but so what?). I think you have such a great attitude, and your year reflects lots of accomplishments and satisfaction 🙂 Well done!


  9. I tried for 1,000 miles also and got to 957. Better than last year but mission not accomplished!
    I’m a casual trainer also. I really need to step it up and go for it. I’m not getting any younger and I’d love to get a PR in this decade.

    Happy New Year,


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