Weekly Run Down for 12.9.19-12.15.19: NO RUNNING for This Runner

In town this week but NO RUNNING per doctors orders so… not a happy runner.

Last Week –

  • Monday – I finally was not travelling so I could get to a podiatrist to have my sore foot checked out.  He found nothing in the xrays and nothing when he pressed on it. So his diagnosis was that it is sore from a bunion, high arches or tight shoes… Treatment suggested was 2 weeks of anti-inflammatory drugs and no running. Next dr. appt is Jan 3 and if it still hurts then, he will schedule an MRI. Sounds welcoming in the snowy cold NE but not if you have a Half Marathon scheduled for Jan 19 and running keeps you sane.  If you see me, stay away. I will be grumpy!!

new footwear…I was hoping to wear them running. Instead I wore them on the exercise bike for ONE hour!!

  • Tuesday – Day 12 on the no running front…at least I had a hair appointment on my schedule to take up time.
  • Wednesday – Long stressful work day with no running to be had so I dragged my running shoes to the gym and did an hour on the bike. At least I’m catching up on my podcasts.

and doing some online shopping…for myself

  • Thursday – Same as Wednesday. My scheduled BFF birthday movie/dinner got re-scheduled so I was free to do more indoor cycling. So fun. Not.

someone at my training SnapChat this. lol

  • Friday –  Work meeting and party. Lots of eating with no running or walking. Good thing I don’t own a scale. Mah jongg in the evening to take my mind off my foot.

yes my cat loves to watch youtube birdwatching videos

  • Saturday –  Rain postponed the weekly long Sole Sisters run. Who am I kidding? No run anyway but I did go to a Yoga for Runners class. Luckily it focused on upper spine and shoulders.

next month is De-tox and February – Feet (YAY!)

  • Sunday – Long run rescheduled. I did not run but I met them for brunch and then spent time with another Sole Sister who cannot run. We knit, chatted and planned our return to running.

my morning view

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How do you spend your time when you cannot run? Please share.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 12.9.19-12.15.19: NO RUNNING for This Runner

  1. I have lots of things that occupy my time. The problem is more finding the time for everything. Although turns out my nephew came today, which is the day we had planned to go to my parents, but we switched it to Monday when he was supposed to come (or so I was told). Not sure if my Mom got the days wrong or he changed his mind, but we missed him. And now will go to my parents another day.


  2. Knitting!! I’ve seen pics of you with gals knitting, but didn’t know how much you did on your own. I have not knitted for awhile (well, since last winter?). I wish I had time for it…the blogging has really taken over my free time…not a bad thing, but definitely time-consuming. Those NY shoes are nice! Brooks Ghost?


  3. Love your new shoes! I would be itching to wear them too. It’s nice that you have another running friend to share the misery of not running with. Here’s hoping you both can hit the roads again soon!

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  4. THOSE SHOES!!! Love them. I’m really sorry that you don’t have a definitive diagnosis for your foot pain – at least if you knew what was going on, it would make resting more palatable because in time you’d be healed. Right now, who knows – and that just stinks. I hope you just wake up one day very soon feeling back to normal, and can get on with your running plans!

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